hair updates/gov't check

Hello.Well I have not quite been disowned. But my family has made it quite clear that they dislike my hair. My favorite reactions so far come from my Dad's side of the family. Grandpa Gerry- "Do you want truth or diplomacy?"The next day when I saw him again, he didn't recognize me for a full minute, then he gave me a very awkward hug, and said "You look strange." I have yet to see the Grandma Margie (Mom's side of the family) and I dodged the Sunday night family get-togehter by actually getting sick. I have never been more grateful for a sinus infection.Thanks to all the people who messaged me with suggestions. More thanks to the makers of the craptastic Suave 2 in 1 hair shampoo and conditioner. Thanks to this product my hair is now dark brown. It also managed to remove whatever pigment was causing my hair to glow an evil red color in some lights. In other news, I got an official check from the United States Treasury today. I recieved 53.64 cents. I do not know why the goverment is sending me money, so I am interpreting it as a bribe from the President. Sorry Geroge W., but its going to take more that 53.64 for me to stop hating your guts.

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