so dumbeldore is gay?

You know I’m talking about Dumbeldore, right?Let us take a moment to take a deep breath before we get all riled up and take another moment to unbunch our underwear.1. Yes, I think that J.K. Rowlings is incredibly stupid to make such a blatant play at extra publicity and extra attention. I do not know why such an seemingly reasonable and intelligent person would do such a thing. Except for maybe she is human and capable of error. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember the last time we said or did something stupid and out of the norm for our usual intelligent and reasonable selves. Got that memory? Do you think it makes you an overall despicable human being? No? Then lay off J.K. Rowlings. Everyone does something stupid once in a while. It is not like she re-wrote Harry Potter into gay pornography. 2. Since the great wizard-outing I’ve had the unfortunate experience to talk to many members of the LDS community who are outraged that their Hero is Gay. Dumbledore is now the villain. Mormons for Voldermort! He may have killed a bunch of people, but at least he liked Lily! I find this all very disturbing. We do not belong to a church that excommunicates it’s gay members. Yes, we find homosexual sexual activity to be amoral, but we hold heterosexual people to a similar standard. Both a homosexual and a heterosexual person can be excommunicated for not remaining chaste and breaking covenants made in the temple. What this means is that one can be a faithful member of the church in good standing and a homosexual. Don’t believe me? Go to any Deseret Book and view the myriad of books published by the First Presidency concerning homosexuality and staying in the church. Not one of them states that homosexuals are inherently evil, despicable, or disgusting. All of them will offer words of hope and encouragement. You can be a homosexual and a good Mormon. You can be homosexual and a good person. You can be homosexual and a good role model. The complaint I have heard most is that people no longer feel comfortable reading Harry Potter, or no longer feel comfortable with their children reading Harry Potter. This is a shame. If we begin to teach our children that Gay people should be avoided and shunned in literature as well as in real life, we are failing to teach our children the commandment that comes second only to loving the Lord. We have been instructed to love one another. I have yet to read the addendum to that commandment that states “Love one another. Unless they are Gay. Unless they make choices we do not agree with.” We are to love one another.Last night I had the opportunity to hear a fireside by Elder Uchtdorf (sorry if his name is misspelled) In his talk, Uchtdorf quoted Dumbledore. Since the fact that Dumbledore is apparently Gay made CNN news last week, I’m fairly certain that Uchtdorf was aware of recent events. However, even if he was not, I feel that he would have still found Dumbledore to be a suitable quote. Why not? Dumbledore consistently taught values of loyalty, integrity, and the necessity of fighting against evil. If we are following the commandment to judge someone by their fruits, as well as to love one another, I think we would be more correct in admiring Dumbledore for his integrity, instead of being disgusted by his sexuality. Uchtdorf quoted Dumbledore telling Harry that, “It is our choices that show who we are far more than our abilities.” We have a choice. We have a choice to be loving and accepting, or bigoted and afraid. I am not making a statement here for or against Gay Rights/Marriage. I am making a statement that charity allows us to love people for the good they do, and to think seriously about a person’s soul before dismissing them based on their sexuality. Come on. Dumbledore saved Harry’s life, fought on the side of good, and said wonderfully witty and endearing things. I think that counts more than if he happened to be gay or not.So. Return your underwear to the pre-bunched position. Send me angry messages. Burn those awful Harry Potter books. Goodnight.

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The Boob Nazi said...

Yes, I am reading your early posts. I was more irritated about her "blatant play at extra publicity and extra attention" as well. (I had to cite you so I wouldn't get in trouble for plagiarizing.) Who cares if he's gay?