Why I Don't Vote on the Dark Side......

Part of the fun of this blog is it opens up lots of opportunity for discussion. And it upsets some people and they send me stuff and I get to post about it and make fun of them. I also get tons of positive feedback, and that boosts my self-esteem. So thanks. Thanks for telling me that I'm either going to hell or your new best friend.

So I know that ever since my husband asked the question "What is Mitt short for anyway, Mitthew?" we've all been wondering what Mitt's real name is.

Behold, the power of the Internets:

WILLARD. Mitt's first name is Willard. It confused me for a moment, until I remembered that (sadly) Mitt is Mormon. Mormons do this all the time to their kids. They name them Nephi and call them Moroni for short. Or they name them Skylar and add ninety-two a's. Skylaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. Emileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. or names with "Mc" randomy inserted. McEmilee. McKelsey.

I really wish I could like Mitt Romney. I really do. It would get me written back into my Grandmother's will and that would be awesome. She has about ten years worth of home-made jam to her name and I would like to be a part of it. My back-up when pressed about Mitt has always been "Well he did a really great thing for health care in Massachusetts." Because he did. Mitt made Massachusetts the first state in the nation with universal health care. Imagine it people, if you lived in Massachusetts, you could go to a doctor and not sell your soul in return. I would love to live in Massachusetts. What upsets me is that Mitt has now changed his mind. He recently called Hillary Clinton's Health care proposal, which ironically enough, is startlingly similar to Mitt's Massachusetts plan, "European-style socialized medicine plan."

In interviews he refuses to discuss his achievements in Massachusetts. Mitt apparently rethought the whole "created equal" thing and decided some people just shouldn't be able to see doctor's when they are sick. It's a shame, because if Mitt still supported his actions in Massachusetts, he would be the first truly "compassionate conservative" I've ever seen.

This leads me to a broader topic. In the course of writing this blog, lots of people have asked me how I reconcile being Mormon and a Liberal. To me there was nothing to reconcile. I based my decision on my very Christian values. Help the sick. Aid the needy. For LDS readers, I am always reminded of Mosiah 4, where King Benjamin tells his people to help the poor, even if they
don't necessarily deserve it.

I do not understand how a political party which clings to ideas such as "Family Values," the "Christian Right," and "National Morality," can be against universal health care. I do not understand the thinking that allows someone to decide that sick people should be rendered helpless by a bureaucracy.

I do not understand how someone reads the Bible, and at the part where Christ says "Suffer, the little children," interprets it to mean "Suffer, little children." **Because in America the Republican Party will vote down laws that will give you health care. Republican administrations will cut the funding for WIC (health care for underprivileged INFANTS.) They will vote against SCHIP but fund a war we have no hope of winning. They will cut funding for public education, thus widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

I do not understand it.

I do understand this-

"The uninsured are sicker, suffer more from chronic disease, and rarely get rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. They also die sooner-knowing that, with insurance, they might have lived." (Newsweek, September 07)

I also understand numbers-4.6 million Americans are uninsured. 46 million people die earlier because the Republican Administration says that government-run health care is socialism. Forget the fact that we've had government run health care for decades. (It's called Medicare, and oh, they cut funding for that too) What I want to see is some more 'Compassionate Conservatism." I want more "Family Values" that care less about what Americans are doing under the sheets and more about what sick kids, elderly people, and veterans are doing when they can't see a doctor. I want a type of Morality that knows the difference between good- health care for children, and bad-depriving infants of pre and post natal care.

Where are the Christians in the Republican Party? Where are the good Samaritans who help their sick and uninsured neighbors and their underprivileged kids?

I guess I just can't think that way. I guess I just can't vote that way. That is why I'm a Liberal. That is why I'm a Christian.

** That's a reference to Nancy Pelosi's speech after Bush vetoed SCHIP.

Ps. I got a hair cut.


James McOmber said...

My real name is McJaymze. My middle name is not Cannon -- it's Brusan, a combination of my parents' names, Bryant and Susan. Crusan for a Brusan!!! People call me Braden for short, though, and those really close to me call me Teighlour because I remind people of my uncle Teighlour Higbee.

James McOmber said...

Sorry, when you saw three comments, you probably thought they were all juicy and controversial. The first one was incomplete -- that's why I got rid of it and put the complete one up.

This is an essay I thoroughly enjoyed, and not just because it's by Garrison Keillor. I think you'll like it as well.

anonymous said...

right on, girl.

laura, your sister said...

will you write a book? seriously. i mean i know you'll be disowned forever, but dude-SOME OF US NEED WRITING LIKE THIS! think of me, rotting in provo w all the conservatives! i need your writing to get through my day!

Lena said...

Hey, just found your blog through Jess Slade, and I am hooked! You are such a great writer! I totally agree with this post, and am all about people who exercise dying early. Thanks!

LostInTranslation said...

I have to say. I have NEVER been into blogs.. but after stumbling across yours I am hooked! You are my new hero. One of my friends is a founding member of WAVE and I have been watching their progress with great interest. Then came your blog.. it is sooo refreshing to find like minded people out there in internet-land! I was born in UT and raised in the conservative bubble world of Mesa, AZ.. reading your blog is a breath of fresh air. Anyway.. lest you think I'm too crazy.. or your ego get to the point that your head explodes.. I will get to the point.. I read your post on "Why I don't vote on the Dark Side" and thought it was great.. I am also a LDS/Liberal( although, sometimes I think I am more liberal than LDS.. but whatever) I am curious to know your thoughts on a similar subject.. why is it that Mormons tout the merits of our welfare program and devote conference talks to what great things are accomplished by the welfare programs of the church.. and yet the majority of church members I have met( all republicans of course) are so quick to bash on government welfare programs and those that support them? Your example from King Benjamins address is great... Just a thought for conversation..

Tim said...

hey i am from massachusetts, liberal country out here. I am neither liberal or conservative, well that wont do here in Mass, your either liberal or your the DEVIL. So it would be nice to live in a state that was balanced. Sounds like all conservative state isnt great either, from what you state. The problem with this universal care is that our taxes keep going up and up, and soon no jobs for the tax man to tax people on.