Christmas at the Lauritzens was excellent. Dan indulged my penchant for bright, shiny objects and craptastic adolescent literature, and I pretty much killed our marriage by getting him a box set of computer games. After all the festivities, I read about teenage vampires, and Dan played a computer game involving Einstein coming back to life in order to murder Hitler, thus allowing the Communists to take over the world. We are going to have inevitably wierd children. Not that I am anywhere near pregnant. (Whenever I say something about how wierd our kids are going to be, everyone always looks at my abdomen like I'm already nine months prego and they just didn't notice. I also can no longer say "Guess what?" without someone assuming I'm incubating a spawn.)

All joking aside, Dan and I spent the day together and with family. For the Nielsons, it was a good holiday as well. The cops were only called once, and only one person went to the emergency room. Not bad for a family of klutzy lawyers. (For those curious, the cops were called because some dumb teenager crashed his expensive SUV into my grandpa's front yard. Later my aunt slipped on the ice and sprained her wrist. We have yet to become the Soprano's family.)

I'm so happy Dan and I got to share our first Christmas together. I'm so lucky to have a husband and best friend to spend every Holiday with. I hightly recommend marriage. It makes the holidays one hundred percent better. (love you, Dan.)

I am now leaving to read more about bloodsucking teenage angst and to remind my husband that Hitler is, in fact, dead.

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James McOmber said...

Beautiful. That sounds like a delightful Christmas. And yes, I can't wait to see what your kids are going to be like.