So I am not even going to tell you how long it took me to figure out how to post pictures. Not even going there. Let's just say I'm special needs when it comes to technology. I ride the techno short bus. I'm posting these pictures because I needed a little break from the constant finals, term papers, applications stress. I also need to recover from my most recent meeting with a Professor, where I admitted that I had NO idea what I was talking about in my paper. And she was all "That's fine, make it up, it's an English paper." Then she went "I'm really excited about your paper, it should be fascinating." NO PRESSURE, THOUGH. Dang it, now I have to be fascinating. But not here. Here I can just post pictures of our little tree, Henry. Henry's got about 4 weeks to live, but it is going to be a cute four weeks.

These are some of the ornaments on our tree. The USS Enterprise is Dan's, and he bribed me into letting him hang it by gifting me these cute little bird ornaments.
We also have lots of new ornaments as of today, because Dutch Santa (who looks a lot like my mom,) delivered presents in our wooden shoes. (Yes, we have wooden shoes) My favorite ornaments are the ones that consist of little jingle bells with snow man heads glued on top. Nothing says Christmas like a decapitated snow man that jinjles.
More pictures to follow. I have to go be fascinating.

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