Home for Christmas.

Today we went to my parent's ward for Church. I love my parent's ward, mostly because it is filled with fabulously wealthy old ladies who come to church decked out in the family's emeralds and fur coats.

I also love it because old ladies love love love to talk. Relief Society meetings are almost always open forum. Today's lesson was called "Enduring Together," and lots of ladies got up and talked about how living in the ward helped them endure. My favorite was Sister McGee.

"What I've learned by living in this ward is that I can love anyone. They don't always love me, but Jesus never said we have to be lovable. He just said we had to love everyone else. Anyway, people can't hate you for long when you love them. They eventually realize that you have absolutely fabulous taste, and so you can't be all bad."

This same woman, upon finding out about my engagement last year, asked me, in a very loud voice, if my relationship with Dan was a "Sexual attraction, or a spiritual one."

I told her it was both. I think she approved.

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Hilary said...

I love the mildly inappropriate old woman who is found in each and every ward. :-)
Found your blog through Lena, I enjoy reading your writing!