Excellent Classroom Management Skills

This could possibly be fired under "inappropriate teaching methods." Oh well.....

Me: (to student, who is bouncing off the walls,) You seem to be having trouble keeping it together, do you need to go to the office and spend some time thinking about this?

Bouncing Student: Yes. I should probably go to the office. I haven't taken my (ADD) pill yet, that is why I'm so hyper.

Me: Dude. I have ADD too. Do you see me running around like a freak?

Suddenly Very Still Student: No.

Me: (triumphant) Ok then. Head down to the office.


Lena said...

I think that was an exceptional teaching method. More teachers should tell you they have what you "have" to prove you wrong. Bravo!

Lena said...

Oh, and I made it to your link list! I am so touched! I think I need a moment...