Honestly, people.

Seriously, when will the universe realize that it will all be better after I am in charge.

Looks like it is time for more edicts-

Rule #23869- Professors who promise to write students letters of reference will do so in one month or less. Really? You need two months to write one page on how wonderful I am? I don't think so....

Rule#897698- If you call me and ask me to substitute for you, you will leave me a lesson plan, or you will expect me to allow the students to sit and talk/read quietly. If you do not leave me a lesson plan, or a roll sheet, or any information of ANY kind, you will not get surly with me for not teaching your students whatever it is you thought they needed to learn. If it was that important, you would have left me the necessary materials. I may be smarter that you, but even I cannot create a lesson plan for Intermediate Dance and Ballet out of my own head.

Bright side? At least I'm not at Jasmine.....

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Marianna & Trevor Eckman said...

i think you need to write and publish "the rule" book!