Marianna Tagged Me

I usually don't do the tagging thing, but Marianna tagged me and she's a newlywed, and it is always best to do what the newlyweds tell you. Also, I have a terrible cold and cannot come up with anything decent all on my own. So, here we go.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago.

1. I was eleven, so I don't remember alot. (ADD=Bad Memory.) I seem to remember playing in the dirt alot. I was one of those kids.

2. I remember my little brother Clark was one years old and had finally stopped screaming 24/7.

3. My family moved into the Naniloa House in Holladay.

4. I had Mrs. Ross as my fifth grade teacher. I idolize Mrs. Ross. She encouraged me (at the ripe old age of 11 to be a history major. Oh fate.) She even came to my wedding.

5. I met my friend Whitney Newman, who upon seeing me, told me she was going to have her Mom drive us to the Mall so she could get me some normal-looking clothes. I've never been good at dressing myself.

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago.

1. What was I? 16? I was getting my drivers license and making out with Dan Greaves.

2. Two words: Mrs. Sodders. (Wait, more words, I wasn't doing Mrs. Sodders, I was just taking her AP American History Class. Just needed to clarify there.)

3. Skipping Seminary

4. Skipping German

5. Skipping Pre- Calc.

5 Things I was doing 1 year ago.

1. Planning a wedding.

2. Making out with Dan Lauritzen

3. Taking Gothic Literature at the U and spending hours reading Dracula and wishing I was a sexy vampire too.

4. Freezing as I walked across the U campus everyday.

5. Applying for Graduation.

Snacks I Enjoy

1. Sushi.

2. Chocolate.

3. Let's just say if you cut open my veins I'd bleed a brown, caffeinated, calorie-free beverage.

4. Dill Pickles

5. Cheese and Apple slices like my dad makes me.

Things I Did Yesterday

1. Worked 10 freaking hours at the stupid Jasmine.

2. Kissed Dan at midnight.

3. Was tempted to indulge in the champangne "The Father" (Dave) offered me.

4. Composed long, angry speeches in my head directed at my boss.

5. Tried to get up the nerve to put in my two weeks at the stupid Jasmine.

Jobs I've Had

1. Server at Carmelle Reception Center. I wasn't the type of girl to pre-plan her wedding at age 16. But Carmelle taught me what I definetely did not want. I did not want anyone pinning dollar bills onto my dress as they came through the line. I did not want to see my mother in a minidress. I did not want the best man to through up alcohol during the toast.

2. Normandie Cafe and Bakery. The cooks never wash their hands. You've been warned.

3. Tagge's Famous Fruit. Wake up. Load car with produce. Set up Stand. Sell Fruit and Vegetables on the side of the road. Get hot, dirty, and sweaty. Drive back to the warehouse. Unload fruit. Sort Fruit. Go home. Bathe repeatedly. My most favorite job, ever. I loved the sun. I loved working outside. I loved being horrendously dirty. And I loved eating all the raspberries I could handle.

4. Garden Espresso. All my coworkers were crackaddicts. That's the only reason they let me be the short order cook. They were all on crack. Or just perpetually hungover.

5. Jewish Community Center. Camp Counselor. I learned that my instincts were right, I really do hate small children.

Bonus- Hostess at the stupid freaking Jasmine.

Things I would do if I had a million Dollars

1. Buy a house.

2. Pay off school

3. Buy a personal sushi chef

4. Buy a Car

5. Hire an assasin to kill George W. Bush and Dick Cheny. It would be easy, make it look like a hunting accident.

I'm too tired to finish this. Maybe later.


Whitney and Daniel said...

I could still have my mom drive us to the mall to buy you some normal looking clothes... did i really say that? i was such a brat, even at such a young age.

Stephanie said...

yes! you totally did! and I love you for it!. i will go to the mall with you anytime....