One of my coworkers recently mentioned that, outside the bedroom they share, she and her husband each have their "own" rooms, in which they do projects, turn cartwheels, and sprawl out on the floor, just because they can. Okay. I lied about everything after the "doing projects" part, but the own rooms bit is totally true. I nearly killed her with my look of envy though, since Dan and I have simply carved out our own "spaces" in our tiny apartment. Dan rules the desk are in the living room/dining room/storage room, and I rule from the bed, where me and my laptop, Micheal, investigate all the nonsense those celebrities have been up to.

Anyway, occasionally Dan comes in to visit me, and I always respond by closing whatever page I am looking on. Apparently, he found this a little odd, because after the left after his last visit, he goes.

"I'm leaving now, go back to whatever you were looking at, I promise I won't come back and look."

I guess he thought I was doing something secretive, so I responded- "I only close the page because I am giving you my full attention. Guaranteed if I left it up I wouldn't hear a word you said."

Dan, surprised, "Oh."

Me- "And well, I thought that if you discovered my secret porn addiction, it would get awkward."

Dan- "Not as awkward as when you discovered my secret career. As a porn star."

Dan= 10 points. Stephanie=0.

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