And it continues.

72. If Barack Obama doesnt win I am going to die. There is no hyperbole in that sentence.

71. My Dad and Dan are out bonding. My Dad has confessed that he never quite knows what to say or do around Dan. They can't talk about fabric swatches, extol the virtues of the color lavendar, or collect samples of tile for no apparent reason. Thus, my Dad usually just heats Dan up a plate of food and slinks off. But yesterday, Dan mentioned that he wanted an overcoat, and my Dad jumped at the opportunity. He could go SHOPPING! And bond! and shop!

70. I called Dan a few minutes ago to check in. He had found a coat long ago, but was waiting for my Dad to finish trying on (and modeling for the sales clerk,) shirts.

68. My Dad isn't gay. I promise.

67. More meterosexual, if you will.

66. I think Obama can beat McCain. I don't think Clinton can.

65. The teacher I subbed for today had consulation periods from 10:00 to 1:30. I spent part of that time with the classroom door locked asleep on the floor in my big down coat.

64. The floor was carpeted, which makes it less pathetic. For some reason. At least to me.

63. My new phone is red and shiny and I love it.

62. Dan is still not home. Don't clothing stores close at nine?

61. This is getting hard again.

60. Why is blogspot's spellcheck still broken?


Lena said...

My Dad cant make small-talk, so Nik and him never do any bonding. I keep telling Nik that if he asks my dad to teach him to cook, he would jump on the idea. Nothing yet. I would love to see your new shiny red phone!

Lena said...

Oh, and they just talked about The Lovely Bones on Gilmore Girls. And I love your new background!