and the random 100 continues...

87. I'm sorry I called everyone retarded.

86. But the lady working the desk at Westminster's Office of Graduate Admissions truly is.

85. Did anyone else make the connection that Olive Snook on Pushing Daisies is also "The Republican" on The West Wing? Does anyone else even watch those shows?

84. She was also Wicked's oringinal Glinda. That ought to help.

83. There are blogs I read solely to make fun of the authors and feel superior. (They are not linked on my blog.) This is probably something Satan will mock me for when I'm in hell and not feeling so superior.

82. But honestly? Entire blogs that alternate between "I'm so blessed/I love my husband" with absolutely no content? Can I help it?

81. I officially do not mind the students at Evergreen Jr. and Matheson Jr. I just wanted to say that despite my griping, there are decent children in the world.

80. Not a lot of decent children, but some.

79. I went to the Leadership broadcast thing last night and actually enjoyed it. Most extracurricular (meaning not part of the Sunday 3 hr block) meetings just make me feel guilty. And I actually agreed with Sister Beck. I think she had some sensitivity training inbetween Conference and this meeting.

78. The broadcast consisted 3 women and 3 men giving council. The feminist in me rejoiced. Sometimes I question if there really is a role for women in the church. There is.

76. I did not enjoy my most recent foray into adolescent litersture. I felt Elsewhere left a lot to be desired. It was ok, but not wonderful.

75. The Lovely Bones, however, (similar-ish plot base, superior writing) is worth reading repeatedly.

74. I think this recent batch of the Random 100 is easier because I am supposed to be in the shower getting ready for church.

73. The spell check is broken. Forgive me for any ignorant spelling errors.


Marianna & Trevor Eckman said...

I seriously love reading your blog! it makes me laugh or smile each time! we for sure will do something soon, i have a new number 831- 4700, call me we'll plan something fun! trevor and i re living in cottonwood heights. just north of brighton high.

Lena said...

I forgive you for the retarded thing. I like the randomness. Keep it up!

A. said...

I just started reading your blog, and it's pretty funny.[Hopefully you have an email indicator of comments or something to get this message...] I have also read Elsewhere, and I thought it could use some improvement, but the concept was interesting. I really enjoyed the Lovely Bones.

Also, I have laughed out loud [while at work] several times. Whoops...

You should add bloggers whose lives are so wonderful and exciting, every sentence ends in an exclamation point. CAUSE THEY ARE SO BLESSED!

I think I will read your whole blog. Thank you for enlightening my afternoon, and GOBAMA.