I don't know what I'll do when I'm done with this...there is only so many jokes I can make based on Mitt's name...

37. I subbed at Olympus High School today, my alma mater. Wierd. Did you know Olympus has an elevator now? Oh the fun I could have had with that back in the day.....

36. Its funny how easy it is, from an outsider's perspective, to identify all the little social cliques. I can tell which kids are jocks, the nerds, the popular girls who will become Mormon Child Brides themselves within the next year.....

35. Popular girls never gave me the time of day back in High School. I wasn't cool enough. Funny thing is, now they feel inclined to leave quasi-anonymous comments on my blog, hoping to influence what I write. You know what honey, you ignored me all through Junior High and High School and I survived. I think my blog will survive your disproval.

34. I got to talk to Mr. Felt, my idol of all idols. Someday I will be Mr. Felt. And I will dress up in a knight's costume to lecture on the Renaissance.

33. Dan and I have determined to buy a new couch. Nothing to snazzy, but one that won't break bones when you attempt to sit on it. (Looking at you, current couch.)

32. The couch we have now is from my Grandfather's first law office. It is an antique

31. But its got nothin' on our kitchen table ad chairs. They were my great grandmothers when she first got married. Back in the 1920s.....

31. She is still alive. We are not allowed to repaint or refinish the table until she dies.

30. I can't wait to be old and boss people around.

29. I already have the wardrobe of an elderly woman. I'm all about grandma sweaters and sesible flats.

28. Too bad I still look 13.

27. Darn that spellcheck.


Lena said...

Ha! You crack me up! I am all for new couches. I want a new kitchen table, but ours was a gift, and I have been guilted into keeping it. Blah.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

We hear ya about the hand me down furniture...Lena and I only have bought maybe 2 things new in our house....Our Bed....well i think that is it....I guess you can count Electronics...Computer/TV that is it! :)