On Comments.

Let's take a break from our usual broadcast of the Random 100 to discuss blog ettiquette. (still no blogspot spellcheck, sorry.)

I have recently chosen to "moderate" all the comments that are left on my blog. I hesitated to do this, because I welcome comments and thought that by "moderating" (all comments must be reviewed by me before they are posted) I would limit people who feel they have something to say.

But I do not think it is necessary for me to tolerate people calling me, as in the most recent comment kurfuffle "a flaming liberal bitch trying to start contention." It's just not necessary. And because some people can't seem to act like adults, I guess comment moderation IS necessary.

I will no longer publish comments without a name. This means all you anonymous commenters are going to have to reveal your secret identites. If you read my blog and want to make a comment, you should feel comfortable leaving your name. Essentially, if you do not feel comfortable saying it to my face, you shouldn't be leaving it as a comment anyway. If you don't want people to know you read my heathen blog, then don't read it.

Which brings me to my last reminder. No one is forced to read this blog. If you find the content objectionable, so much so that you are tempted to leave nasty comments, you should probably find reading material more compatible to your interests. There are people in the world who make me angry too, I don't waste my time reading their blogs and neither should you.

I am sorry for the seriousness of this post. I will resume discussing the presence of boobage in Jane Austen movies, as well as making fun of Mitt Romney whenever applicable, shortly.


Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I love boobage in jane austin movies that is the only reason I watch them

Hannah said...

I'm so glad I know your family. You make me laugh. :]

Except I want a blog of my own now!


Lena said...

Boo to those who feel they have an opinion that is better then yours. BOO! Moderate away.