Top Ten Trends

This is kind of like the Random 100 only not. The Random 100 made me lazy, and I don't want to write anything outside list form.


Top Ten Trends I Will Never Ever Indulge.

10. Leggings. I just won't do it. Ever. Is everyone on crack, or am I the only one that realizes that no one looks good in an outifit that can be reused, renewed, and recycled into sausage casing. Furthermore, they make your legs, however skinny, LOOK like sausages. EW.

9. Skinny jeans. Like Leggings, only denim and potentially more uncomfy.

8. Layers of polo shirts. I have enough OCD issues with one collared shirt. Two would require me to check into a mental institution. I would not be able to stop tugging and arranging. Until after the friendly nurse slipped me a sedative.

7. Sleeveless or short-sleeved tutrlenecks. First, turtlenecks scare me anyways. But at least they keep you warm, right? Not when you cut of the sleeves. I just don't get it. They frustrate me.

6. The trend of dyeing the bottom layer of hair black, and the top blonde. Skunks ought never to be the inspiration for your hairstyle.

5. Bubble skirts are for clowns and small children.

4. Ponchos are made out of plastic and sold at Disneyland for rainy days. Got it?

3. Though I have done it before, I promise never ever again to have the "Mormon Mon haircut" with the bottom layer flipped out and the top layer curled under. I learn from my mistakes.

2. I will never own an Apple Computer. Dan would file for divorce the next day anyway.

1. Seven (Sevens?) Jeans. I just can't bring myself to spend so much on a pair of jeans when I could use the same money to buy a bajillion ballet flats at Old Navy...
When I am queen, no one else will engage in these trends either.


Jscrapalex said...

I'm proud to say that I do not participate in any of these nasty trends. And I very much agree on the horridness of balloon skirts. They look silly and slightly ho-ish all at the same time.

mommy dearest said...

dear steph,
your dad and i love your blog. we are proud of you and hope you soon change careers and become the official columnist for the ny times and bring down all the republicans. we are sorry we burnt the pancakes last night. love mom and dad

Marianna & Trevor Eckman said...

I once said that I would never have an Apple computer but then I got one and I'm deeply in love with it. They are actually really fun and easy to use. I do agree with all the other rules!

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I agree with trevor me likey macs as well! But I think you hit everything spot on!

Sarah said...

Why stop at queen? Have you no ambition? I plan on being supreme dictator of the world extrodinare.

Lena said...

I am in love with Mac's as well. Good for all the art stuff I am into. Boo on Microsoft. Understand about the legging though. Gross.

Mar said...

My husband says you forgot to mention tucking sweats into your Uggs. And I concur.

Mar said...

And I agree with all other ten points.(My husband and I are in your family's ward now...your sister Grace is one of my favorites...I found your blog through a series of random events. Needless to say, I like your snarky style.)

Whitney and Daniel said...

I might comment on EVERY or alot of your posts.. deal? deal.Let's just say at this very moment I am wearing a short sleeve turtleneck and straight leg jeans (which were earlier replaced by leggings, but they were much too cold) oh AND my jeans did cost much more than sevens... oh i am so trendy... hahaha. PS my legs don't look like sausages either... sweet, well i don't think they do

Stephanie said...

well whitney, your one of those freaks and everything looks good on you....rub it in while we mere mortals struggle.... :)