Very Interesting Indeed.

Interesting Article in today's tribune about the immigration debate on capitol hill

The article quotes Marlin Jensen, a member of the Quorum of the Seventy. Jensen implores Utah's largely Mormon and Republican
Legislature to "slow down, step back, and carefully study and assess the implications and human costs involved" pertaining to the series of immigration bills being considered on Capitol Hill. Furthermore, Jensen states, "I believe a more thoughtful...not to mention humane, approach is warranted....Immigration questions are questions dealing with God's children."

Many of the immigration bills attempt to significantly limit the privleges and place "extensive penalties" for Utah's undocumented immigrants. The Tribune notes that Jensen's comments "expounded publicly on the private pleas of church leaders last month for Legislator's to act with compassion as they consider immigration reform."

Now before anyone gets all riled up, or writes to tell me that Jensen has no business commenting on these things, please take note.

"While repeating the mantra that the LDS church generally takes no position on political issues, Jensen noted that immigration was not strictly a political issue, but a moral and ethical one."

More importantly, he said "He was not simply speaking for himself, or even for the Quorum."

States Jensen, "I was assigned to come here by the First Presidency of the church."

Jensen was not alone in his plea for more compassion for undocumented immigrants. Bishop John Wester of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City pointed out that "Jesus himself was a person on the move-an immigrant if you will."

Steve Klemz of Zion Lutheran Church added, "We are called to love...That is the kind of community we are called to work for."

Recently I have been inundated with fellow church members telling me that I must act a certain way politically (many trying to convince me to support Romney) in order to match my political
beliefs to my religious ones. It is interesting to me that the church would send a messenger to remind us to do just the opposite, to match the
"moral and ethical" teachings of the church first, the ones reminding us to treat others with kindness and compassion, to our political actions. Even if those actions do not necessary coincide with a certain, dominant-in-Utah-political party