you know what this is

47. Dan and I are losers, since we planned on being out of town this weekend, we forgot it was our ward's Stake Conference today. We got all ready for 1:00 pm church, only to realize we had missed Stake Conference/church altogether.

46. Dan is trying to make up for it by blasting various BYU Devotionals and Music of the Spoken Words throughout the house.

45. Though I am still riddled with guilt (a Nielson never misses an opportunity to feel guilty) I consider this adequate penance.

44. Mansfield Park is my new favorite Jane Austen movie. It's lots darker. Someone goes mad. There is an actual extramarital affair (not just rumours of one) and all sorts of fun social issues (slavery! abolitionists! political strife!) I thought this would make it more bearable for Dan to watch. However....

43. There is still endless amounts of time in which no dialogue is spoken, characters just staring longingingly at eachother. A woman knows what this means. For instance-

Female character: Stares longingly at man.

Steph's Interpretation: She is madly in love with him. And even though they come from different social classes, they deserve to be together.....

Dan's interpretation: Which girl is that? They all look the same....

Male character: Returns adoring gaze of female counterpart....

Steph's interpretation: He only thinks he loves that other woman. I can totally tell by his returned adoring gaze to "Female character" that despite his father's disaproval, he will eventuall end up with the right girl.

Dan's interpretation: It would be easier to understand this movie if the character's actually talked.

42. Dan made me watch IRobot after Mansfield Park. At some point, I will include a mental dialogue for that experience as well.

41. Back to Mansfield Park. There is an actuall boob shot in the film. A woman! Shows her boob! In a movie based on Jane Austen! I saw a boob! I do not know how I feel about this yet (Kudos to the movie for depicting what Austen implied, that women do have complex sexual and emotional identities, and are therefore sometimes naked? Or just- Gross! Boob! Wrong!)

40. Now I have not only missed church, but I'm writing about boobs on my blog. Now I've done it.

39. I may not know a lot about science fiction/fantasy movies, but did anyone really expect me to believe thay by 2035 robots will be able to feel emotions like love, fear, ect. ect.?

38. And isn't the idea of a super robot turned super smart and decides that humans are incapable of self-governing pretty old? 2001 A Space Odyssey, anyone?


Jessica said...

My husband would love it if #47 happened to us. He must be the Anti-Dan.

Lena said...

I have not seen Mansfield Park, but is is definitely on my list now. And I don't mind a boob shot or two in a movie. I figure, I have them, and now I know that she has them. I liked iRobot....