Is OCD a good reason?

For no apparent reason, I have developed an almost-instant hatred of the word "Getaway." Too many people have written that word lately. And I hate it.

I do not know why I get these sudden and often times meaningless aversion to certain words in the English language. Because I do not know why, I will take the easy route and blame my parents. Especially my mother, who cringes visibly anytime anyone says the word "moisture." Sunday's in Utah are particularly hard for her.

"Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the moisture we have recieved...."


Lisa Louise said...

i don't think that it's bad to develop the aversions. I'm with your mom, i hate when people thank God for the moisture that they didn't even pray for.

Jessica said...

Why can't we just say "rain"?

Lena said...

I like it when someone is thankful for "moisture" when it has been snowing for 2 weeks in a row. At that point, I am not thankful for it any more, and frankly, wich it would all just go away.

They're not words, but Nik's family all have things they cringe over. Nik's is beads, one sister is rubber, one is sponges, one is sea weed, and one is crunchy snow. Bunch of weirdos.

Mar said...

I don't like the words "petty cash." And I hate it at work when people say "shoot me an email." How about I just shoot you instead? But I can't let myself get started on corporate jargon because I hate all of it.