More Clark Brilliance...

Just in case a license plate spelling out "PENIS" wasn't enough, I bring you more of the charm that is Clark.

The incident from the previous blog occured after Clark and I had gone to my apartment to pick up some stuff. I come out of my bedroom to find Clark staring at a painting on the wall entitled Wedding on Bikes. Its one of those Japanese-style painting with a huge fall forest landscape and just along the bottom you can see a little wedding party, on tiny little bikes riding through the mountains. Clark is staring at it in wonder, and as I come into the room he turns to me and says,

"I think that would be the best wedding. Riding on bikes and everybody would follow us. It would be so cool." He even looks a little dreamy-eyed at the idea, and I thought it was cute that little Clark was already planning his very own Wedding on Bikes.

On the drive home (after the license plate conversation,) we pass a Dees Restaurant. Clark perks up "There are still Dees? I thought they knocked them all down!" (The Dees by my parents house recently closed down for demolition.)

Clark continues. "That's it! Here is the plan! After my wedding I'm going to go to Dees on my Honeymoon! We will rent the whole room and eat breakfast all day! Perfect Honeymoon!"

And they will drive away in a toilet-papered car with a license plate reading "PENIS."

If anyone knows any cute 10 yr. old girls who are interested in a future of bike rides and pancakes, and who would be perfectly ok spending her honeymoon in Dees, please let me know....I've got just the guy.....

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