Updates From Limbo

I do not even want to tell you how many empty cans of diet coke I found while cleaning out my car this morning. (I told you it would be riveting.) It numbers between "embarassingly alot" and "holy crap this is alot of diet coke cans."

And Sarah Hughes Smart, this should make you happy, I did not recycle any of them. Sorry Earth, but I'm still pissed about that little prank called "winter."

And the move that will get me moved out of Limbo and straight into hell? I'm kinda pissed at John right now. Yes, that John. Bible John. I think he was translated (or was that the other one.) Anyway, I was reading John, and dude, do you have to say OINTMENT and WIPE so much? Ugh. Two of the most disgusting words in the whole world and your chapters are crawling in OINTMENT and people are always WIPING.

Sorry John. But at least you are probably translated and I am going to hell.

author is sent directly to hell where she is forced to say/read "ointment" twenty times a day.


mommy dearest said...

At the time of John there was a great deal of moisture and chafing. Hence the need for the words ointment and wipe. Perhaps John was a big man and you know if you walk around in a dress there's a bit of chaffing that could happen.

bonz said...

wait, so now you're the CATHOLIC child bride??? So many questions.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I dont think there is anything worse than chafing. Well maybe having to stay the word ointment 25 times a day...