Warning! Inappropriate for the Molly Mormons of the World! Don't want anyone to read this unintentionally and be ashamed! Danger Will Robinson!

Well. I tried. Today I tried to get through the whole day with only one can of diet coke. I was quite crabby (*euphemism*) and came home from work only to fall asleep on the couch for three hours. I don't see what I have as an addiction problem. I see it as a successfully rendered life-long commitment.

For those who are wondering, Dan's insides are still being ravaged by a mystery infection. He is quite the little delicate flower now, but seems to be on the mend a little bit. Dan's popularity in my family is not unlike the crazed fervor some people have for Obama, and I have recently been informed that his name is now on every prayer roll in every temple in the U.S.

Between caring for delicate flower and denying my addiction problem, I have neglected to recount one of my absolute favorite conversations from last weekend, which we spent at the Great and Spacious Building (parent's home*) house sitting and making sure my brothers ate more than just a bag of beef jerky and did more than play their game cube . In order to do this, I spent significant amounts of time driving them to school, and art class, and trumpet, and scouts. One time, while driving with my ten year old brother, Clark, we found ourselves behind a car with an indecipherable vanity license plate. We knew it said something, we just couldn't figure out what.

Clark: "That it the dumbest thing ever! Why would you spend money on something that doesn't make sense?"

Me: (Thinking that someone should ask Mike Huckabee that question about his campaign, but keeping quiet) "I don't know Clark, some people are just retarded." (better answer)

Clark: (Casually,) If I did that, I would make sure my license plate made sense. And was funny. So I would make it say PENIS.

As he proceeds to fall into a fit of giggles at his own cleverness, he comes up for air for one more zinger.

"Then all the little kids would try and figure it out, and their moms would have to tell them! All the moms would have to say 'PENIS.' "

I didn't want to tell him that the moms probably knew about that word already. That little word got them the kids to explain it to in the first place.....


mommy dearest said...

just one of the many joys of being the mother of clark. i am now going to sew him a coat of many colors.

Lena said...

I want to come crochet with your brothers. I think it is awesome that they do that. Oh, and that is the same sense of humor that Nik has, and he will probably get a big kick out of that post.

So what is wrong with Dan? I didnt know he was sick!

Marianna & Trevor Eckman said...

I can't help but giggle! What a funny kid!

Spencer said...

Your brother is funny. After playing catch phrase with Clark and Grant I learned that I really was stupid when I was their age. They new things I never would have known at their age. I thought that all kids my age were dumb. Nope, that was just me.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Spence! My mom is going to read that and it will make her whole day!

Stephanie said...

Except I'm sure you weren't the only dumb kid. :)

Spencer said...

And just to emphasize how dumb I am, do you love that I wrote "new" instead of "knew." I kill myself.