Brilliant Plan!!!!

In the previous post, my friend Lena requested a list of words that "trigger these fits," by fits she means the occasional blogs I post featuring words I hate. She may have been being sarcastic, but I think it is a brilliant plan! This should also be helpful to people who may innocently use these words, but still want their head to be connected to their neck after speaking with me. Everybody wins!

A short, preliminary list of words/phrases I hate.

Well wait, let's review before we start. We know I hate the words-

Ointment, especially when used in the same sentence as...
Getaway (mostly because fellow MCBs* are always going on cute little Getaways....)

I also hate the phrase

"She'll make a good wife...."

Moving on-


are all unacceptable to my brain.

also, the phrase

"get my juices flowing" is egregious. It is particularly bad when they do not qualify what type of "juices." For instance, while it is annoying to hear "I need to get my CREATIVE juices flowing" it is not as bad as no qualifier at all. Juices? are you some kind of fruit? I always just imagine the person sitting there, oozing some kind of icky liquid until they "get the juices flowing" ew. Simply Gross.

So there you have it.

* Mormon Child Brides


Jessica said...

I've always hated the word "procter" too. It just sounds like something involving your colon.

Lena said...

Awesome! I am going to print this out and keep a copy in my purse so I can further avoid my head being removed from my neck.

Oh, and I always think of "get my juices flowing" as being sexual in some that better or worse...

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I hate the word "Goober" also "Potty"...also I love that Lisa used the quote from "Undercover Brother" awesome movie!

bonz said...

What about throb? I hate the word throb.