I Hate So Many Words.

I am thinking of changing the name of my blog to "I hate a lot of words." What do we think?

Word I hate today- Portions.

Ew. The way the "p" and the "o" sound all long and gross and then that short little "trions" on the end.

Ugh. When I hear words I like a lot or hate intensely, I always form some kind of weird mental image. I do not do this on purpose, it is just my brain. Believe me it would be a lot easier to go through life not having to imagine John from the Bible with a tube of hemorrhoid cream every time I hear the word "ointment." (Aghhhh the image just came back! Why did I do that to myself?") On the other hand, I always think of how black and inky and romantic the river Thames looks at night-time every time I hear the word "spy."

Some of you are now starting to realize why I struggle with getting the most basic tasks done. I refuse to accept responsibility. It is called ADD, and I got it from my father.

Anyway, tangent over. I hate the word portions and every time I hear the word portions I think of a prissy fat Mormon lady with caked on foundation, the type of person who yells at the little primary kid at the ward Linger-Longer for taking to many cookies or too large a "portion" of rainbow jello.

Maybe I should just re-name my blog "I Have Severe and Debilitating Attention Deficit Disorder. This is My Brain."


Lisa Louise said...

steep such an active imagination no? I will say that now you have ruined forever the word portion for me.

Lena said...

Can we get a list of words that trigger these fits?