When Will The Madness End?

Behold. The most offensive instance of "Utah nameitis." Ever.

In today's third period there was a girl named "Qylci." When I got to her name on the roll, I struggled for a few seconds with the pronunciation, prompting her to roll her eyes and say....

"It's Kelsey"

Kelsey?????? wtf. Since when is "Kelsey" spelled with a "Q?"

Since Utahns started having a million kids and running out of suitable names, that's when.

Sheesh. Maybe I'll change my name to Steqphanie and inform people that the "q" is silent.


Lena said...

Sweet. I have often thought of adding an extra E to my name so that people stop saying it with a short E. But maybe a Q would be more effective.

Mar said...

I think I made this comment before but I HATE made up names and made up spellings. They give me slight rage.

Spencer said...

I run into this kind of problem everyday at work when I have to type up all the patients name on a census. I am amazed at the ridiculous spellings of even the most common names. For example(I have really seen these) Mersaydeez, Marq, Mykel, Serenitie. I could go on forever. I am with you though, it's retarded.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I am changing my name to NYQUOLAAZ that would be awesome~

Lisa Louise said...

wow that is the most ridiculous name i've ever heard. Even worse is that she thinks this is normal, perpetuating the problem!!