excellent start.

I started grad school this week. Here are the highs and lows thus far.

High and Low. On Monday, I had a paper due for my class at four. I did it that morning, after bribing myself with a trip to Target. I told myself that if I finished my paper before noon, I could go to Target. I finished at 1:30 and still went to Target. High- I finished the paper. Low-it was the first day of class and I was already bribing myself.

High- During the three hour class, I only got up and randomly left ONCE (for a necessary mind-clearing walk and bathroom break). For a person with old lady stiff knees and toddler level attention span, that is a new record. I believe I shall reward myself with a trip to Target.....(just kidding.)

High- Almost everyone in the class seems truly interested in becoming a teacher. I've been in education classes before where this has not been the case.

Low- At least one person is an annoying question asker "Is this a handout, or a packet?" Um it is a piece of paper sweetie, call it what you want but make sure you read it for next time.

High- Holy free parking Batman! Holy class is actually close to where I parked, Robin!

And that is pretty much grad school.


Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I love the batman! and Robin the Boy Wonder!

Lena said...

I like to bribe myself. It makes for much more getting done in my life. It also helps if someone else is bribing me. And even better if we are both bribing. We should go to Target.

Jessica said...

I love Target. It's awesome that you get to park close. I'm glad your program is cool!

Lisa Louise said...

glad to hear school is starting well!!