How to Annoy Me

Let's do a quick recap. I hate people who sing randomly, people who hug me without permission*, bunnies, most babies, the color pink, and in general anything liked by anyone with more than just a half-rotted black cynical heart.

I just watched an episode of "Scrubs**" where everything was sung, musical-style. (Or, Sarah, for you, soviet-style.) Anyway, this was annoying. I had to watch it for key-plot developments (Will Carla go back to work, or not?) But all the singing was pretty darn irritating. No more singing.

There is a person in my life who always sings important information. Oh, lets say this person and her husband recently recieved a mission call after nine months of debating back and forth whether or not to go, but forbidding us to move because they wanted us to watch their house if they went. Let's just say they finally got their call and this person calls me, hater of all song, and insists on singing "OHHHH STEEEEEPPPHHHH guess what came in the mail today, the mail today, the mail today, guess what came in the mail today, lalalala!"

I hate singing. I especially hate singing except when I drop a plate of hot food on the floor at work and therefore have to start the order over. Even if the food has only been on the floor ten seconds, they make me make the food again. Anyway, at this point it is acceptable to sing one single word. This word starts with an "s" and rhymes with "hit."

* If you are wondering whether or not you have permission to hug me, consider the following. The only people on that very short list have been given either written or verbal permission. Or they participated in giving me life.

* *I also have another Scrubs related tidbit. This one in the form of a confession. This will only be relevant to watchers of the show, but I ask you this question. Is it bad that the two characters I "relate" to on the show are Jordan and Elliot? Often simultaneously? Discuss.


Jessica said...

Spencer's response: "I like singing."
He really does randomly sing. It's a good thing you didn't marry him. But I love his singing, so it all works out. :)
Anyway, I love Jordan on Scrubs. She is so bitter and sarcastic.

Lena said...

Nik loves singing too! In fact, when he and Spencer get together, they sing a lot to each other. Most of the time it is funny, some times it is annoying, usually it is obscene.

I can see your relating to Jordan and Elliot. You are definatly sarcastic, and maybe a little bit of a drama queen, so I think you hit that one on the head.

Lisa Louise said...

Singing has it's place for sure, but not to tell someone about their mission call that's just silly. You relate to Jordan and Elliot? In what ways? I think Jordan rocks, she gets everything she wants!

Talina said...

See, I wish my life was like that episode of Scrubs! I would love to live in a Musical. But I'd have standards. People have to have a decent voice, be able to harmonize and burst into spontaneous, choreographed song and dance whenever the situation called for it. People bursting into song in this life? Not so fun and slightly awkward.