oh the joy.

My Grandparents received their mission call last Wednesday. They will be leaving May 26 for the MTC, and will be serving in the Albuquerque, New Mexico mission. This is there bajillionth mission. (Not Really, but whatever.)

Now while I am very happy for my grandparents, and know that they will be great missionaries, I am also extremely excited because we will be living/taking care of/throwing wild keggers in their house while they are gone. One of those things is not like the other, think carefully before deciding which one.

Because this is a momentous occasion, I think it is time to make a list to commemorate it.


Some Wonderful Aspects of Living in my Grandparents House.

1. Oh. The space. The space. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. We will only be staying in their basement apartment, but that is still so much bigger than our midget sized apartment.

2. Washing Machine/Dryer. While I do enjoy going to my parent's house to borrow their washer and eating their food, it will be nice to do laundry in the same place that I live.

3. Space.

4. Space.

5. No police barricades on the streets when the police are trying to catch some hoodlum. No hoodlums. No drunk neighbors. No chickens roaming the sidewalks.

Does this sound to good to be true? Kind of like the beginning of a horror movie when the nice couple finds the house of their dreams, but the audience knows it is haunted by a murderous ghost? Yes, Yes, sounds familiar, right?

Well. There are some similar downsides to living in my grandparent's basement.

1. It is haunted.

2. My grandma has chosen to decorate the basement by hanging shelves all along the walls to display her antique farming/mechanical tools. Like old rusty scythes and wrenches, ect. The basement kind of looks like Martha Stewart's house after she marries Hannibal Lecter and they move to the 'burbs.

3. We are FORBIDDEN to move, touch, or so much THINK about rearranging the decor. It will stay within convenient reach of the ghost that will kill Dan and I after we move in.

This is the part where the audience screams at the hot female lead "Don't GO IN THE BASEMENT," even though you all know she's goin'.

But at least I will have access to a washer and dryer.


Marianna & Trevor Eckman said...

I completely understand the washer / dryer situation! The haunted house is SOOO worth it! Oh, how I wish my grandparents would go on a mission. Enjoy it!

mommy dearest said...

the ghost will exorcised by the first kegger. Ghosts only want nice Mormons to drag into the netherworld, you will be safe. Dan will be in danger. love mommy dearest

Jessica said...

Yay! I'm glad you finally have a date to count on! And as far as changing the decor goes, as long as you change it back before they get home, they will never know...

Lena said...

I think the washer/dryer would be enough for me. I go to my parents about twice a week for laundry as well, but I am stoked about the new dryer Nik is buying me with our tax money. Yay for clean clothes. Oh, and can't wait to attend one of those keggers you will inevitably have.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

PARTY with the Dead! the ghost will come party with us!

Lisa Louise said...

What if you take picture of everything and then just put it back exactly as it was before they get back?