oh shoot

For a long time, the blog known as "The Mormon Child Bride," was a fairly anonymous endeavor. It started out as a "note" on my now obliterated facebook account, and I talked about how my grandma was sure to kill me for coloring my hair dark purple. Three people read it.

For awhile, when I was still a naive blogger, one not afraid of nasty comments about how I'm not a good Mormon because I don't like Mitt Romney, I wrote about social-political issues that I found meaningful. Some crazies had found my blog, and taken offense, bumping my readership up to, oh, 7.

Then I got extremely lazy. I started writing about bloggers who bugged me, words I didn't like, and by my 100th post, I had sunk to the point of discussing my underwear. Fabulous. I'm sure glad I work my pants off to get an education. For some reason, at this point, my readership decided to spike. Do not ask me, I don't know how it happened.

I found out today that the father of one of Dan's friends (Allison, Sarah, it's RITCHIE'S DAD) read my blog. I was mortified. He mentioned it a few days ago, which means my friend's dad now knows that the girls roam free. crap. crap. crap. (When Dan told me, my reaction was along the lines of "SH&^%!!!! Does he know I say bad words on my blog!!???" Dan said something about how the man uses bad words on the phone, but I was not comforted.)

To cap off my day, the son of said father, (who now knows waaay to much about me,) was over at my apartment helping Dan move the heavy furniture to our new place. During this time he happened to find a highly inappropriate message that I wrote to Dan on my chalkboard table.

Perhaps it is a sign. A sign that I should take my blog private, save the chalkboard for basic math equations, or, most preferably, melt into the ground from humiliation.


Lena said...

So sorry this hasn't worked out like you wanted too. I would say I will stop reading if it would make you feel better, but I don't think I could actually do that. And plus, I don't think you care that I know what kind of underware you have. I know more than that about you now anyway.

I just have one favor, please invite me if you go private.

Mar said...

Oh, Child Bride, so many comments. When I told my husband that the MCB's mom reads my blog he said, "Don't you pepper in a few choice words here and there?" And I said, "Yes, but I have heard the MCB's father say a few choice words too so I don't think it's anything his wife hasn't heard."

I hear all the time that so-and-so reads my blog and I suddenly rewind and think "what have I written?!" But then I figure if I modify my blog to fit those that read it then I am just joining the masses of "yummy" bloggers out there.

Be free. Let the girls roam unherded. And write questionable messages to your husband. It's your life!

Brammer Family said...

K- If you go private...please please let me know! Taylor and I get a kick out of this blog! Seriously! :)

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I hate private blogs....and who cares if people know silly stuff about you...dont let the man bring you down!

Natalie said...

You will be conforming to society if you go private. Also, if i recall, you made fun of people who go private. I quickly scanned back in your posts but couldn't find my reference.

However, I will now quote an email I received from a friend of mine:

I checked out the Mormon Child Bride blog. LOVE IT! She is soooo funny. I followed one of her links to this blog, which is equally as snarky and wonderful:

Thank [goodness] for blogs like yours and theirs, which are not scrapbook and sentiment laden. I mean, throwing up every five minutes while I blogstalk would be great for my waistline, but my teeth would rot out of my head, and I can't afford the dental bills! So, thanks for bucking the trend, lil' woman!

And with that, i say - DON'T CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOUR BLOG! Keep it public and more importantly keep the crazy posts coming!

Jessica said...

Don't you dare go private! That goes against everything we believe in!

bonz said...

You know the worldwide web is, in fact, world wide, right? Embrace it, and embrace your bra-less glory. And while I appreciate the shout out from Natalie's friend, snarky? I think we prefer yummy.