ooohhhh education, you suck sometimes.

Someday, I will write a long, emotion-ridden (yes, occasionally I allow myself to feel things) post about how frustrating it is to live in a world where ADD is the excuse stupid people make when they do something, well, stupid. "Oh! I forgot to do _______, I just have ADD!" No you don't. You are just not very smart. I have ADD. My brain has trouble forming certain synapses. You simply do not have a brain. BIG DIFFERENCE.

I will also include how frustrating it is to read education text books in which kids with ADD are lumped into the same group of people who suffer from truly debilitating learning or physical disabilities. It is also fun to be stereotyped in every little "case study" highlighting a student with ADD. "Jimmy has ADHD* He has a hard time completing his coursework and therefore is in a lower reading group. He also has difficulty making friends. The only subject he excels in is P.E. because it doesn't require him to sit still and focus, it is also the only time he feels equal to his non ADD peers. What should the teacher do?"

The answer is generally consult the Jimmy's parents in order to get Jimmy on some serious medications. Or truly bizarre techniques like having Jimmy wear an eye patch (If one eye is covered! He will focus better!) The answer is rarely-

Stop putting Jimmy in lower reading groups, because it is highly likely he is bored there.

Stop stereotyping him by identifying mindless games of dodge-ball as his only form of school success, and....

Stop being stupid and using ADD/ADHD research from the 1960's to write your damn textbooks.

Oh wow. I think I just wrote that post. Go me.

I now have to write a little "online classroom" post on what I would do if I suspected one of my students had "attention difficulties." Or maybe I should just play dodgeball, since that is the only thing I'm good at.

*ADD and ADHD are apparently now the same. Because all kids who have trouble focusing are hyper. All of them. All the time.

PS. I would like make one slightly hypocritical rule here. I can make fun of my ADD. People I like can make fun of my ADD. People who are of lesser intelligence, and think I should wear an eye-patch, may not.


Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I love the excuses the world comes up with to try and justify there childrens incompetence!

bonz said...

What was this post about? I stopped paying attention bc it's hard for me...

Kristine and Ryan said...

Yeah, "Jimmy" is in my primary class. I stuck him in the corner and let him scream at a picture of the first vision for 30 minutes. Bless you ADD/ADHD children.

Mar said...

You lost me...I guess it's my ADD/ADHD. Can we play dodgeball now?

Dave and Nat said...

Hey Steph I was glad to hear from you! Are you missing Jasmine terribly yet ha ha?