So last weekend Dan and I went on a double date with my parents to...

Red Mango.*

And then we went to a....gulp.....waaaaay fun barbecue.

Sigh. If I were someone else, I'd be making fun of me right now.

*Red Mango is not that excellent. It's fine, but it certainly isn't worth all the internet "YUMMY!!!!"'s I see floating around.

So, fellow MCB's, after participating in your sacred rituals of going on doubles with your parents and eating "fat free" frozen yogurt, I feel like I can drop a little reminder on another little phrase I've seen quite a bit of recently.

Being Spoiled is not a good thing. "Mom and Dad and/or Hubby spoiled me rotten this weekend!" Guys, need we review our vocabulary? To be "rotten" or "spoiled" is like unto DECOMPOSING. That is the original meaning of the words. Are you a dead body? Do you suffer from rigor mortis? No? Then you are neither spoiled nor rotten.

In the non-literal sense, to be spoiled rotten means to be given everything you want without having to work for it. (If that seems ok to you, stop reading, there is nothing for you here.) Furthermore, it's a term often used to describe small children. Big life hint- you are not a child, even if you choose to talk like one.

So why in the MCB blogland is it considered so great to be SPOILED ROTTEN?

Enlighten me, my people.


Sue said...

Because it means you are such a pretty pretty lucky princess that first daddy spoiled you, and then your hubby spoiled you. Ugly people don't get spoiled. DUH.

Nicole said...

Because like, how else can you make sure everyone knows that you are more loved by your parents/spouse than they are? Doesn't everyone know that material possessions/gifts are totally proportional to your actual worth as a human being? I mean, I'd never know HOW much my daddy loved me if he hadn't bought us a condo to live in rent free when we were first married! And I'm just plain sad when I think about all my friends in high school who didn't get cars on their birthdays and a check for five grand at graduation. Luckily for me, my hubby knows how important it is to make me feel loved, so even though we are drowning in debt, he bought me a MASSIVE diamond band for our first anniversary!
More important than assigning my value as a person a dollar amount is making sure that EVERYONE knows how lucky I am by blatantly bragging about it online! Of course, I make sure to say what everyone is thinking so they can't accuse me of being worldly, so without further adieu...
I am SO totally decomposing...and LOVING it! Yay!

TJ said...

I've never had red mango, but I'm glad for an honest opion.
As for spoiled rotten, when I first got married my hubby tried to 'spoil' me, but it stank.

Mar said...

I went to Red Mango once. Didn't like it. Give me a shake from Iceberg instead.

Lindsey said...

you must be special. not ugly, not pretty, but special to be spoiled. loving it, steph!

Brandon said...

WHAT? Ugly people don't get spoiled? Are you kidding me? Have you never seen Paris Hilton?

On a side note...Do you know what else I hate? When grown women use the word "Daddy" to talk about their fathers. "Hi Daddy." No matter who you are, unless you are under the age of nine, you automatically sound a little cheap and stupid.

Lisa Louise said...

because if you are spoiled rotten then you must be truly blessed and have just perfect parents and husband right?