It's like finding a rogue piece of Dove chocolate in the back of your freezer....

So a few months ago I posted about bridezilla , a wonderful little specimen who happened to get married in the slc temple the same day I did.

One day I found her blog, and immensely enjoyed getting to know the girl behind the tiara.

Then the inevitable happened. She went private. I regained about 30 IQ points.

But then today, by happy accident, I discovered she has unprivated herself. Oh. The. Joy.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am. She's gotten worse in the months we've been separated

However, I must apologize, but I will not be sharing her blog address with the rest of you. Even if you beg. Because I am have gotten in "blog trouble" before and I'm not doing it again.

Just know that she's alive and well, and continuing to keep the cheesecake factory in business. And I now have a new way to waste my time.

Update: Apparently, if you are in my grad program, and we are all punch drunk from 9 hours worth of class, I can be coerced into showing you her blog. Apparently. But I'm still not releasing it to the internet. I will stand strong.


Jessica said...

Heavenly Day!

Spencer said...

Praise the Lord for her safety.