My friend Jess wrote a whole blog post about me. It is hysterical.

I would "link it" but I don't know how.

Scroll down until you see the post, "Stephanie, Revealed."

I will add to the revelations. I read Martha Stewart Living religiously at my grandma's house. I feel like it is time for me to live an open and honest lifestyle, and that means admiting to loving Martha's design layouts.


Jessica said...

Right on Steep. Way to embrace it. I love Martha too.

Lena said...

I can't think of Martha Stewart wit out thinking of her on Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL. Her use of winter Eucalyptus just amazes me. And when she refuses to give a correct answer for cherity "Scew'em Alex."

Sue said...

I am completely convinced that you are the evil genius behind Seriously So Blessed. CONVINCED.

(I just left this exact same comment over on Jessica's blog. THAT'S HOW CONVINCED I AM. Plus too lazy to think of a different comment.)