Get it together, Westo.

Today my mother called to tell me that my Dad was listening to some program on the radio, which said that Westminster College was the 19th best liberal arts college in the Nation.

The best part of the conversation concerned the fact that when she called, I was just leaving the Financial Aid office after learning that, once again, the 19th best liberal arts college in the nation had lost my financial aid records, meaning that I would have to wait another two weeks to see if I was awarded anything.

Not a big deal, except for government grants come first come first serve, and despite the fact that I filed my paperwork on time, I may be out of the running for some serious tuition money.

Thanks, Westminster.

Much to my frustration, they pulled the same routine as last semester "I'm sorry, we don't have any record of you/are you sure you applied/ we can't locate your file." Just as I am about to strangle the person, they find my records, apologize profusely for not filing, and tell me to head downstairs to get a tuition extension waiver.

At which point the tuition waiver people treat me like I'm the idiot who lost my records.

Again, many thanks Westy.


Lisa Louise said...

sorry steep! School sucks!!

wonder woman said...

I hate bureacracy. (Please tell me I spelled that right. It's too late for me to get a dictionary out.)

I REALLY hope you get some monies. Money is always nice.

Carley A. T. said...

That sucks! The financial aid people have been my biggest disappointment at Westminster. They're rude, unhelpful, and speak in tongue. Blergh! What a bunch of ruddy corn filled poo!

Brandon said...

OH the horror stories I could tell you about Westminster and Financial Aid! One of these days over lunch maybe? I'm sad we don't have any of the same classes anymore. What is that about?

Jessica said...

Ugh! How lame.

Lena said...

I hate the financial aid people. They are no better at SLCC. They told me that Nik didn't qualify for anything. Yeah, like we have so much money all the time. Awesome. I hope you get a chance to throttle one of the ladies.

Oh, and hope you cool trip was good!

renostar said...

Was in exactly the same situation the entire summer semester. I had my records on hold from June till about 2 weeks ago thanks to financial aid not knowing why FAFSA wasn't paying up. Then they kept misplacing my promissary notes so I got a bill nearly every week. Brilliant.

Katie said...

I think that the hidden agenda of grad school is to teach you not to hurt the people who make your life hell. I'm pretty sure that's a valuable life skill. Right?

mommy dearest said...

I think the new fish is cute. The old one smelled so I'm glad I killed it. HAHAHAHAHAHAH