I hate it when I feel.....

Manipulated. This post is about how I hate feeling manipulated. I have also decided that I am going to write this post buffet style. Meaning I will write about 3 instances today in which I felt tampered with and you can pick what you would like to read about. It is like when my family would go to Chuck A Rama when we were little and my sister would eat only fried chicken and ice cream, because that is what she picked. Here, at Mormon Child Bride A Rama, you can read the ice cream and fried chicken bits if you like, and totally SCREW the string beans.

Le Menu

1. Ice Cream aka I hate feeling manipulated by other MCBs when I read their blogs. Maybe I should rename this segment "Frozen Yogurt" or "Red Mango."

2. String Beans aka I feel manipulated by McCain's choice of running mate.

3. Fried Chicken aka I still hate Westminster's Financial Aid Office.

Here we go.

1. I realized this was bothering me a long time ago, but I couldn't quite figure out why. I sort of hate it when a MCB will write a whole post, with a picture included, of something she really really wants. It's usually a piece of jewelry or some skirt from Anthropologie. Whatever. So she goes on and on about how getting this skirt would be so great and three posts later, BAM, Mormon Child Investment Banker man has purchased it for her. And she posts about how this skirt is now a symbol of their love and how her husband is, THE BEST.

Why does this make me feel manipulated? Well, I sort of feel vicariously manipulated for Mormon Child Investment Banker man, but I also noticed that after reading these posts I sort of feel subconsciously inferior. Even though I know better, I sometimes can't help but feel momentarily cheated. For about two seconds, sometimes I think, "Why doesn't spouseman buy me a symbol of our love at Antropologie." And then I get a grip. But I still feel manipulated.

Now this is the String Beans part. This is politics. If you don't like String Beans, skip to the Chicken.

2. When I found out McCain had picked a female for his VP, I briefly thought, "Hey, maybe he's not such a bad guy." But...........

She's not very experienced. Yes, she is Governor of Alaska, but she spends her time in office approving drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and trying to pass a bill denying benefits to the partners of Gay State employees. She also thinks the climate change in Alaska isn't man-made, meaning she doesn't believe in Global Warming.*

After all that hulabaloo from McCain about Obama's lack of experience, you'd think McCain would pick someone with more than two years of Governorship under his or her belt. (Unless McCain counts Palin's time as a beauty pageant queen as political experience). Even Romney would make more sense. So I kind of feel like McCain picked her in order to appeal to the Female Vote,(Hey! I almost fell for it!) but how much of a glass ceiling is being broken if the woman breaking it doesn't have the experience to do a good job? Think about it.

3. I finally worked up the courage to make a strongly worded phone call to Westy's Financial Aid Department. However, somehow, despite my pre-planned speech, I ended the phone call thanking the person for her time and saying sorry for being such a pain. I honestly don't know how that happened, but there was some serious manipulation going on. **

*Really? Someone still believes global warming is some freak thing? With nothing to do with humans filling the air with pollutants and abusing natural resources? Really? Well. Way to be "special," Sarah.

** Has that ever happened to you? When you are right and yet the person somehow tricks you into saying sorry for something they did? Then again, I did nearly fall for some MCB's "My anthro skirt means my husband is better than yours" ploy, so maybe I'm "special" too.

Hope you enjoyed your meal.


MandoRama said...

String bean french fried onion topping: Sarah Palin named her sons Track and Trig. Mmmm. Now, THAT is special.

Mar said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again, regarding MCB's, I think we share a brain. I feel the manipulation!

AzĂșcar said...

It kind of has a Harriet Myers feel to it, you know?

There are so many other, far more qualified women for the ticket, Christine Todd Whitman for one--HELLO?

mommy dearest said...

spell check on Governor. Good post babe.

wonder woman said...

I choose: String beans. Though I like Ice Cream, the only blog I read like that is a satirical one, so I haven't felt that kind of manipulation. And I LOVE chicken, but I tend to be a bugger on the phone. It's a lot easier when I'm not face to face with the person and I don't feel the pressure (as much) to be nice.

But I'm feelin' your string beans. It seems like McCain has only picked a YOUNG woman so that he covers what he is NOT. I confess, I don't know a thing about this woman except what you've stated here. Though to be fair, just because someone's been a beauty queen doesn't mean they aren't smart. Not that I've EVER been a beauty queen. But I can imagine that she's been trying for a long time to get people to see past that image of her. It's gotta be hard.

I love your blog, and that it makes me think about *real* stuff.

Lena said...

Oh man Steph. I totaly understand where you are coming from! I said the same thing aobut McCain's running mate, I think he hopes to capitalize on the female vote that Hilary just lost. Boo! I still like Obama.

I think that we are tricked into saying we are sorry when the person we were just yelling at is actually being polite, despite our rants, and therefore our sense of decency makes us feel guilty for being a pain. Stupid decency.

I will hate Financial Aid offices as long as they exist. Your's is a special case.

Jessica said...

I don't believe in global warming. I do believe in climate change, but global

Aprillium said...

Honestly there are people out there that think global warming is a cyclical thing. Science hasn't been tracking it long enough to prove or disprove that point... she also believes in creationism. Just curious if that makes her a dope in your eyes too. I know you will not agree but just to state it... she is the only one with managerial experience aka executive branch. I dunno, then again I'm not really impressed with either of the PRESIDENTIAL candidates so what difference does the VP candidate make...if you know what I mean....

Amber said...

Ugghhh... anyone who still refutes global warming needs some serious smack down. And I'm prepared to dish it...

Julie and Rob said...

Steph, I freakin' heart you! You make my day. 1) I agree... I wish people would buy me stuff when I post hints online. 2) Sarah whats-her-face was nothing more than McCain trying to appeal to the female votes 3) I've never been screwed over by a financial center before, but I'm sure that it is definitely a manipulating expreicen. You make me laugh. Keep posting things!

Janssen said...

I am right there with you on the manipulative blog posts - my husband is definitely not the kind to do those things, and it's so easy to suddenly feel like our relationship is somehow lesser because all of my wardrobe comes from Ross and I bought it myself.

Janssen said...

So, I've been reading your archives all morning (because, hey, I only have piles of homework to do, so why not?) and I realized you were probably on London Study Abroad with my father-in-law, George Tate. Because, really, how many BYU professors could there be who taught The Great War and Modernism in 2006?

And. . . that's all.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I am voting how ever has the Hottest VP....

Nicole said...


While global warming and cooling trends are in fact cyclic, "science" has measured levels of carbon dioxide in arctic ice by by taking core samples and HAVE proven that the levels we are at now have not ever been seen.

Also, Stephanie said nothing in her post about Palin's view on creationsism, did she? So let's not start putting words in other people's mouths.

As far as Palin's executive experience, spare me. The Republican party is trying to sell us on the idea that being mayor of a town with 50 employees and Governor (for less than 2 years) of one of the least populous states (which is currently investigating her for abuse of power) makes her more qualified than Obama. Please.

How about his ability to flawlessly manage a 2500 employee campaign with a multi-million dollar budget for nearly two years? His "executive experience" allowed him to organize millions of people across the nation and defeat an opponent who was widely considered an incumbent.

The VP choice DOES matter. It tells us a lot about the candidates judgment, and at McCain's age, his VP pick has a much greater chance of sliding into the #1 slot. Picking someone like Palin just demonstrates than McCain thinks all women are stupid enough to disregard actual policies on the sole basis of "Hey! She has a uterus too!". It's insulting, and tells me a lot about him.

There are at least 3 Republican women more qualified than Palin if he was set on having a female VP. McCain blew it big time.

nevadanista said...

But thank goodness global warming put an end to the ice age, creating favorable temperatures and conditions for humans to exist and thrive, or I wouldn't be here enjoying this lunch hour blog stalking.

Mrs. Clark said...

You can believe Al Gore all you want, but you cannot deny that there is a great deal of solid science that maintains global warming/climate change is a normal cyclical event. That said, I still believe that we should be careful with the earth, and cut back, reuse and recycle. Dumping toxic chemicals and other pollutants into the ecosystem is just plain wrong.

I can't believe there are MCBs who actually post presents on their blogs and their husbands take the bait. But then again, since TAMN on Seriously So Blessed sends this up, it must be true!

As for Sarah Palin--bad choice. She's got a pregnant, unmarried teenage daughter and a Down's syndrome baby. Sorry, but I believe she has more important things to do than run for national office. Flame me if you want!

Stephanie said...

oh i totally agree with the cycle thing. i watched the ice age movie! (the cartoon)

however, i think this time around, we humans are speeding up the natural process, and that can be very very dangerous. i know this because i also watched the day after tommorrow. (the terrible movie with jake gylenhall.)

Aprillium said...

Sorry I wasn't trying to imply anything, just trying to state facts as far as i know them.

I was NOT looking for a lecture... when unfortunately Nicole thought I deserved one because... dun dun dun...My view point is different. That is all. I have no problem with people having other views and I didn't mean to give that impression nor was I trying to shove anything down anyone throught (mmmm).

In my "opinion" nothing is proven till it's proven hence the mentioning of creationism... it was a mear illustration not a change of topic or an attempt to change the topic. I Truely was curious on what the author thought of these things.I was NOT trying to be patronizing.

Also the Nothing is Proven till it's proven also includes global warming for me unfortunately. There is not a general consensis even among scientists on the matter. I don't want to argue it. Let the scientists do that. Though I agree we are NOT doing good things for our environment.

PS no comment on which candidate is better. Nobody is going to change anyones minds so really there is no point in arguing it.

Stephanie said...

no, i don't think people who believe in creationism are dumb. it's not my cup of tea, but i really don't care about what a person thinks concerning HOW THINGS GOT HERE as long as they don't cut funding for special education by 62% (silly sarah pallin)

big bang, evolution, creationism, some other theory, whatever, just don't cut special ed funding.

JustMe said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah Palin. Shoot me if you want.

"Flawlessly" managing 2,500 "employeees". Do you seriously think that is what Nobama is doing? People are hired to do that for him.

Elect Sarah - send her to Washington 8 years and then get her the hell out of there before she becomes just another DC politician.

I don't like Sarah because she is a woman. I like her because she real. She could possibly understand having to make a choice between paying the power bill and buying food for your children.

This was THE smartest choice McCain could have possibly made. This is the first election I have EVER been fired up about.

Its not that I loved McCain BEFORE Sarah - I just found him the lesser of two evils. I'm old enough to know that "change" is not always a good thing.

Ok - I'm middle-aged, and southern. But disliking Obama doesn't make me a racist any more than loving Sarah makes me a lesbian. ;-)

Aprillium said...

ROFL JustMe on that last paragraph.

Thanks for answering my question Stephanie :)

katieo said...

back to the ice cream...

this made me laugh:
"Mormon Child Investment Banker man has purchased it for her. And she posts about how this skirt is now a symbol of their love and how her husband is, THE BEST."

spot on. bugs me too.