righteousness fests.

Here's the thing, I don't like it when people try and sell me things. I'm not just talking door to door or dinner-time phone solicitors, (though they also irritate me) I'm talking I really hate it when people have a strong opinion on something, and feel like they MUST CONVINCE ME RIGHT NOW to agree with them.

I mean, I like people with strong opinions, and I don't mind discussing them, but there's this little fine line of discussing and selling that I really cannot have crossed.

For instance, there is a certain movie out, which I have not seen, which is causing quite the freak out among many LDS people. It involves a superhero who looks like a winged mammal who fights a villain played by a dead actor.

Every time the movie is mentioned, and someone hears that I have yet to see it, I find myself immediately sucked into a ten minute pitch. Pro or Con.

First there are the cons. They start with an opinion, such as "It was a terrible movie, evil awful movie, I hated it and walked out." Okay, thank you for your opinion, I will consider it when I make my final decision on the winged mammal movie. Except here's the not ok selling part, they usually then proceed to tell me that if I choose to see the movie I am obviously a BAD PERSON who LOVES EVIL and Satan, and in my favorite twist, am just like those people in the Book of Mormon who got all prideful and watched bad movies, and then the Lord Smote Them. That's selling, and I really don't need the lecture. (brief aside, it's even worse when lots of con people get together, because they tend to discuss how righteous they are for not seeing the film, usually in front of some poor shmuck who admitted to seeing and enjoying the film. I like to call such gatherings "righteousness fests.")

But fear not, the Pro people are just as bad. Not content to say "I liked the movie, it was good," they must launch into there own promo defending the film. "If you don't see it, you don't understand the deeper, more artistic, meaning of the film. You are a follower who can't think for herself, so you must think the same as I think!!!!!"

I don't buy cleaning fluid from people going door to door. I hang up on solicitors (sorry guys,) and so what makes people think I am going to listen to their man of bat spiel?

Here's a public service announcement: I'm not. I will either see the movie, or not. I will either form a positive or negative opinion, which I will more than likely keep to myself. But please, consider the words NO SOLICITING metaphorically tattooed on my forehead from now on.

Seriously people.


KT said...

Follow your heart. Just follow your heart. :-)

Katie said...

You must have more righteous friends that I do. We've all seen it and loved it. Don't get me wrong, it scared the crap out of me. But I liked it anyway.

It's also possible I've just grown a thick skin to negative talk about "bad" movies during my time at the school which shall not be named.

Also, I hate it when people tell me I have to see a movie. It generally makes me avoid it just to spite them. So I have no vested interest in whether you see it or not.

Kristine and Ryan said...

Ryan and I always make fun of people who call the movie "dark." It's called "The DARK Knight" you idiots! -- saw it twice- it rocks, hope you're sold :)

Lena said...

I will admit to being one that likes to make a strong point fro seeing the Dark movie. But my best argument is, if you liked the last one, you will like this one. If you like Batman at all, you will like this one. Let me know if you see it.

Carley A. T. said...

I'm not going to see it. It seems too mean and violent, and my brain is still fragile from the educational beating it took for 12 or so weeks (?). I saw HellBoy 2 instead, and it was awesome. I am looking forward to Hamlet 2 though. You can't deny high school theatrics.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

all I have to say is WHY SO SERIOUS!!! People are lame....I LOVED THAT MOVIE! I saw the movie twice in 3 days!

Nicole said...

Are people really up in arms over that movie? I haven't heard a thing about it out in GA (well, I mean, people say they saw it or whatever, but no "you should or shouldn't").
Yet another in a long LONG list of reasons I will never return to Utah.

Abby said...

I saw it, and I enjoyed it muchly, but I wouldn't sit there and try to convince someone that they HAD to see it.

My family (namely parents and brothers) go into these righteousness fests, constantly attempting to wind up as the most righteous person in the room. They all think I'm going to hell because I don't care. It's freeing to be the considered the bad one in the family.

Good blog, by the way. Hope you don't mind my dropping in.

TJ said...

what can I say, you sold me on seeing it or not seeing it.

Stephanie said...

so, if i wanted to see it, who would go with me?

spouseman has opted out. (he is righteous, apparently.)

Jscrapalex said...

Yay for evil movies! P.S. I liked it :)

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

Steph it is a date! I am totally willing to go another time...I am sure Lena would be up for it as well!

Sarah holman said...

Man, you know the most passionate people ever. Good luck with your decision!

renostar said...

Wow. You associate with some crazy movie zealots. The more people go on and on about how dark and evil a movie is, the more I am overcome with this strange desire to see it... and I did.
This is Starlyn from your cohort by the way! Good to finally read your blog. Hope you are enjoying your first week of solitude.

Andrew and Tracy said...

Hey Steph!
I found your blog on Marianna's. It's so funny I've been hearing good and bad about this movie as well, but haven't seen it yet... We'll have to see what I decide!:)haha! I hope all is well for you and Dan!

Ben said...

Please, Steph. It didn't take "The Dark Knight" for me to realize you're a bad person who loves evil and Satan. Neither do I need the movie to understand that Dan is a pompous nanny goat who's only joy in life is watching people be made uncomfortable by how righteous he is. JK!

I love that, "JK." Why did people ever stop saying that?