summary of my week.

Since our Student Teaching Experiences* are just around the corner, our professors have temporarily abandoned the mind-numbing lessons on theory and have instead been offering pratical advice.

"You need to start dressing like grown-ups, especially those of you who still look like High School Students." (professor looks at me pointedly.)

"You need to start talking like grown-ups." (Again, looking pointedly at me.)

Apparently, words such as "crap," "bummer" and "sucky" (all words I frequently employ in class discussions,) are not "grown up words."

Meanwhile, I'm sitting there, being pointedly stared at, thinking, wait you want me to sit in class from NINE A.M. to SEVEN P.M. AAAAANNNNDDD you want me to talk like a grown-up?

People are so demanding.

In other news, because I have been in class from 9 until 7, I have not had a chance to buy new deodorant, which I ran out of on Monday. But never fear, I have been borrowing my husbands. If you were in class wondering why a class consisting of mostly girls smelled so strongly of Old Spice, (in " High Endurance Mountain rush ") I'm sorry, it was me.

For education students, the word "experience" is a universally accepted euphemism for "slave labor." Research Experiences, Tutoring Experiences, and Student Teaching Experiences all = paying tuition to do work other people get paid to do.


Lisa Louise said...

you could also add student nurse clinical experience, I don't miss the days of paying to do someone else's job!!

Carley A. T. said...

THREE WEEKS OFF! SO BLESSED! Seriously, my brain has rebounded ten-fold since Friday. I'm going to paint my nails today, because I can once again figure out how to do it! Joy!

Jessica said...

How would any of us stay awake if we used mature adult language during discussions? Thank goodness for the break. Now if only I didn't have to spend it saving up money to finance my student teaching experience.

Katie said...

Boo to talking/dressing like an adult. Fight the crappy power.

Lena said...

I liked the part about the deoderant. My husband also wears Old Spice, only he preferres the Pure Sport kind. And so do I. You should have said something about the lack of deoderant! I have massive ammounts of Dove from the Co. I could have hooked you up.