I turn 22 today.

One step further away from MCB
and one step closer to WORLD DOMINATION.

You can send me presents, or you can just continue to leave your book recommendations in the comments.


Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

happy birthday silly girl!!

Carley A. T. said...


Sue said...


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday.

You will forever be matter how old you turn.

Well, if you read my post on my obsession of chick lit books, it will give you a long list of entertaining books to read.

My personal favorite.... Can You Keep A Secret by Sohpie Consella. By no means does this book excel as a literary masterpiece - but it will make you laugh.

mommy dearest said...

can i be your vice world dominator?
Happy birthday baby

wonder woman said...

Happy birthday! My gift - a book review blog written by a woman in my ward.

laura loo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH! you rock my world. (not really, ew.) i recomend the lightening theif that mom is making her class read. it's written from the perspective of a 12 year old, but honestly you get over that and then just enjoy reading about all these cool mythological gods/kick ace goddesses. and monsters. i really liked the 3 that i read (the 4th one has a waiting list like 50 kids long and i was too embarrassed to get on it.) if mom read it so can you, it's v interesting!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday!

Urban Heidi said...

Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed The Alchemist. Born Confused is a pretty fun YA book.

MandoRama said...

Happy (late) birthday, MCB! You've already dominated my world. Yeeeah.

Lena said...

Happy Birthday MCB! How come you didn't call us for a GNO! We could have gotten free dessert somewhere! I hope it was a good day, and that Dan gave you "everything you wanted."

Mrs. Clark said...

Happy birthday!

One of my favorite fiction books is Below the Salt by Thomas Costain. I also enjoy the Goldy Schulz mystery series by Diane Mott Davidson--they start with Catering to Nobody; it's best to read them in order.

Also, Ellis Peters' Cadfael mysteries.


Longitude by Dava Sobel. Won a Pulitzer, you'll see why.

Mayflower by I forget who, but it's a fairly new book.


Brammer Family said...

Hope you had a fun Birthday! :)