Q. Where do you work?

A. At a cafe and Murray.

Q. Can I visit you there?

A. Only if you know me, and only if you bring presents.

Q. It sounds like you hate it there, why do you stay?

A. You're confusing the feelings of overall hatred with the feelings of temporary frustration/my love of hyperbole. It's usually not so bad, and someone has only pooped all over the bathroom once.

Most importantly, since I am in school everyday/all day Monday-Thursday, this job is one of the few willing to work with my schedule. (I only work a few hours on the weekend.)

Q. Is your boss nice?

A. Yes. And she usually lets me do whatever I want. Like take a whole weekend off.

Q. Do you like your co-workers.

A. Yes. And those I don't get fired. Or get pregnant via their cracked out boyfriend and leave in order to spawn. But I'm actually not in charge of that, the getting them pregnant part. Just the convincing my boss to fire them part.

Q. If you work there so little, why do you talk about it all the time?
A. Because grad school is boring.


JustMe said...

Okay - your job is boring and grad school is boring. You can talk some more about your sexy husband on the internet. Or you can tell us what you want to do when you grow up.

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

I've been heartbroken/depressed every since you stopped posting notes on facebook. did you get off facebook or unfriend me is the real question. I'm hoping it's the former. Now that I know your blog, my daily attitude should increase exponentially. you're great steph.

love, your oc loving london friend

Lena said...

Haha! I love you MCB. And I completely understand. I wish I had a job where the boss let me do whatever I wanted. And would fire those I didn't get a long with. Stay there as long as possible!