feeling superior....NOW

Have you people seen this website?

I am in love. And I may or may not have spent hours on this site today, wasting time. It felt so good. Lately, the complete lack of sleep, grad school crap, and the fact that 7th graders are TERRIFYING has made me feel like I'm losing my mind, particularly the part of my mind that deals with social skills and not loosing my temper.

But at least I am not posting passive-aggressive notes all over the place. AT LEAST.

So there's hope for me yet.

Why are you still here? Go to that site.


Lena said...

That site is pretty hilarious, I can see much time wasting today. If you have not yet, you should definitly check out From Found Magazine. A publication dedicated to note and things found on the streets, in library books, etc. Pretty good.

Nicole said...

Good, because what I really needed was another way to waste massive amounts of time.

Really though, reading through those just made me more excited to watch The Office tonight (you know, burned popcorn and all).

SGOT said...

Dang it! I think I just found another site to waste my time with. Good when working with angry students, but bad for my grades. Oh well. It's my last semester anyway.

cornnut32 said...

that's one of my favorite time wasting sites. :)

Kimbooly said...

I'm afraid to look, after I already dedicated an undisclosed amount of time reading every single blog post you've written so far.

But I'm sure that as soon as I have some really important things I need to do that somehow I will find myself on this site, clicking away and procrastinating with wanton carelessness. : )

Mrs. Clark said...

I love the one where the guy is upset because his co-workers don't reset the microwave after they're done!