Now that I have told you how craptastic the tips at my job are, would anyone, um, like to work there with me? Hourly wages are available.

Duties include:

Washing Dishes
Making Food.
Serving Food to unappreciative customers.
Singing Fergie's "Fergalicious" song on demand whilst performing any of these tasks.*
Pretty much everything you do at home, except now you earn some form of monetary compensation. However, unlike at home, (or at least my home,) you cannot call any of the "patrons" retards.

I'm sort of serious. If you are a college student, or someone looking for some extra hours via part-time should contact me or something......

*I'm serious.

On an unrelated note-

It has been duly noted that I am a bad publisher-of-comments, and that some people waited 5 days for their comment to be published. Sorry. I will improve.


Lena said...

You make it sound so glamorous! And yet....

Steph said...

Hey found your blog through Jessica Slade. If you serious about the job give me some info I a looking for something part time on the weekends. My email is Thanks, Steph

Jillybean said...


What kind of a place do you work at?

Is there a uniform involved?

Do you get break time for blogging?

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

you should where a pin on your shirt that says if you dont tip me at least 15% I will spit in your food :)

Lindsey said...

I wish I could still work here! (I had to go back to school...) This job is wonderful and I recommend it to all! ...especially because you get to work with Steph... :)