Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

My Dad and I went to see Thriller at Kingsbury Hall-

"Steph, I want one of those creepy girls to come hiss at me, but I don't think you can ask for that sort of thing."

" No Dad, Probably not."

I did let him have the aisle seat though, and he was hissed at several times.


1216614478s21580 said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure I get the context.

But I do get that I'm at the top of your blogroll. Wheeeee!!!

Valerie said...

your dad sounds really cool.

Plain Jame said...

I'm new to this blog (google reader recommended you! how nice!??) so I dont totally get you yet, but I'm so excited to read up!

So far I got that you're not from Colorado City, dont have sister wives, and so it's clear you're not a true child bride in a sick kind of way. Yay! But I guess the name brought me here. I'm one of those curious people that has to look at things even if I think it might disturb me.
I'm not disturbed by you, isn't that a nice comment?...

Stephanie said...


the context: thriller is a dance production my dad and i like. it's all halloween themed, and they have zombies/dancers that walk through the aisles scaring people.

my dad is cool, i will tell him you said that valerie, and then he will feel internet famous.

plain jame, welcome to Mormon Child Bride! Thanks for stopping in. I am glad you are not disturbed.