holy cow.

My parents are still not home. It feels like they have been gone FOREVER.

In the meantime, I have been doing an excellent job of not engaging in crazy. I have done such a good job, that I have expanded my efforts of not engaging to a whole new level. It is called not engaging in crazy mentally. You know, like when you read something entirely inaccurate in the paper or on a blog, and you are desperate leave a comment/write the editor because the statement is SO ridiculous. That is mentally engaging in crazy, and I'm not doing it.

'Tis a shame though, because last week I picked up the opinion section of an old Tribune and found these two little gems:

Gem 1: Someone praising Sarah Pallin for not having "elite verbiage." Um. Verbiage? That sounds fancy. Definitely too fancy for our world leaders.

Gem 2: "What is the difference between Obama's economic plan and socialism: Answer? NOTHING."

bahahaha. I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE SPEAK IN RIDDLES!!!!!!! The more inaccurate the better.

Do you know what I don't love? Politics. I know. Shocker. But in all honesty, if the world just elected me World Dominator and we never had to live through an election year again, I would be perfectly content.

The only reason I talk about politics is because I think they are important. In the visiting-the-dentist kind of way. It is usually unpleasant, but I figure being relatively informed/engaged/having healthy teeth is worth it.

The worst thing about politics are all the histrionics. Look people. Obama is not a socialist. It is not a bad thing to have a good vocabulary, and intelligence is not automatically a synonym for elitism. On the other hand, I can tell you with a fair amount of confidence that McCain isn't an evil murder bent on killing your kids in Iraq. And despite my annoyance with one Tina Fey look-alike, I really don't think her environmental policy involves standing on the north pole with a hair dryer in an attempt to speed up global warming.

So let us all not engage with crazy. We only have a few more weeks until this darn election is over. And if you promise not to tell me Obama is a socialist, I promise not to tell you that McCain is already dead and secretly a zombie and probably not legally eligible to run for president anyways.


~j. said...

I don't have anything clever to say...I just really enjoy this post.

adorned with life said...

Seriously? You're still not allowing non-Google comments?! Where's the commenter love? You can allow Typekey ID (UGH) or the whole anon thing which allows me to put my name (Natasha) and my blog (

Rant complete.

I loved this post. It was very funny and quotable. Especially liked the hair dryer bit. I really need to come here more often. Wish you could come for dinner.

JustMe said...

The hair dryer comment made me laugh. You did however promise me you would vote for McCain. Hey - its not my fault you never collected on the dinner.

I agree with you - I'm SICK, SICK, SICK of the entire election. Just elect someone and get this over with.

Just think how much better the millions of dollards spent on the election could have been used. Kind of makes me sick.

Lena said...


MandoRama said...

May I steal that last sentence, please? Genius.

KT said...

HA! Standing on the North Pole with a hair dryer to speed up global warming! Love it. McCain a zombie?! Love it more.