There is some mushiness here. You have been appropriately advised.

Two years and one day ago today, the spouseman and I got engaged.

I nearly ruined it, but spouseman was insistent.

Here is a terrible photo of both of us. I would like to entitle it, "All because two pratically under-age people fell in love." See. I told you, there would be mush.

I would like you to observe a few things. Most notably, my lesbian hair, (why, why,why,) my claw hand, and my spouse's very cute eyes, which one relative thought looked "too asian," and later asked me if there were a way "to make his eyes not do that."

I am glad I said yes. I enjoy my spouse.


Kristen said...

ahh the joys of relatives. I met my husband in Morocco while studying abroad and ever since I've had to answer the always awkward "is he one of...THEM?" question. *sigh*

Annette Lyon said...

Liking the spouse is good.

Lena said...

I enjoy your spouse too. He is a good man. I believe he was making cheese cake when Nik talked to him last. And that makes me jealous. Congrats!

Mrs. Clark said...

You're entitled to some mushiness.

Gotta love the relative, trying to make sure nobody thinks her descendant is mucking up the line with an Asian. (She wanted you to make sure she could show the wedding pictures to her friends without causing gossip behind her back.)

How can I be so sure this relative is a woman? Men don't care about such things.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

Earl is hot! Lebo hair...not so much! But you look hot you made up for that fo-paw (is that how you spell that??)

Katie said...

Ha ha ha ha. "All because two practically under-age people fell in love."

That's why you're the original, and still favorite, Mormon Child Bride.

Jessica said...

Congrats! I love you and your spouseman.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

you are brave to even post a picture this old. i have burned most of mine. don't want evidence of some hair-dos that i rocked back in the day.

bonz said...

Who's the gay??

Just kidding. Cute cute cute. Way to go, both of you!

Sarah holman said...

Your "lesbian" hair is really awesome!

Nicole said...

Ummm...yeah. So after your comment on my "11 year" post, I came back here and realized that I must be subconsciously copying you. Sorry about that. I will blame it on having 3 kids, which sucks your brain cells out.

Really though? Your roadtrip story? Weird. But didn't you make it until the big 1-9 before MCB-ing yourself? Yeah, I was still the barely legal 1-8.

Oh well. 11 years later we still like each other, so I guess it wasn't such a bad move on my part.

KT said...

If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you both looklike you have scary red-eye. I like it.

Token Asian Friend said...

What do you mean by "too asian"? I don't think he is Asian enough. That man needs a mole on his chin!

congrats on your milestone.