they were right.

Every year, around the time school starts, Time, and Newsweek magazine run little mini-articles about how you shouldn't feed your A.D.D. kids stuff with MSG, caffeine, sugar, or artificial coloring in it because it exacerbates their "attention difficulties*" I've always found these articles kind of stupid, because frankly, you probably shouldn't be feeding your kids that kind of stuff excessively anyway.

On Saturday, when spouseman was at the Priesthood session, I decided to pick up some Chinese take-out because spouseman doesn't like Chinese and he wasn't there to feed me and the firemen that came to my house twice last week** said I shouldn't cook anymore, so it was takeout time.

I got my MSG laden goodness, cracked open a diet coke, ate a couple sour patch kids, and maybe also had some ice cream.

Fast forward twenty minutes later to when I was bouncing and shaking and incapable of forming a sentence that didn't sound like "hey Dan how was priesthood did you know grey's anayomy christina meredith look at this cute shirt i found in the back i think i need new shoes are you hungry wanna go on a walk look at that over there wow I'm feeling weird maybe i should take a walk pushing daisies is back"

Now I'm not the hyperactive type. I'm more the zone out type of A.D.D. I'm also not Sarah Palin being interviewed by Katie Couric so I really shouldn't have been having this sort of problem.

Conclusion? Time and Newsweek are right. Absofrickinlutely right. And my husband, bless him, is a very very lucky man.

almost forgot my asteriks

* "attention difficulties" is the p.c. way to say "not listening in class, ever."

** yeah. For real.


Kimbooly said...

I just commented to your *awesome* comment right underneath it on my blog. I've never been blog-loved before. In fact, I've never posted a blog on my blog list before of someone that I don't actually know in real life.

You made my day. Really. Thank you.

Oh, and my husband just walked by and said, "Good night sweetheart. I'm going to bed, as soon as you can assure me that you're not having some secret blog-based affair." *chuckle* Of course, he also made me promise not to "self-destruct," a really bad habit of mine if he goes to bed before me--I stay up late doing whatever, only to crash the next day. But my ADD compels me, that if I wind down and go to bed, I just *might* miss something REALLY important. Plus I'm a night person.

Lena said...

I guess you have to do something with all that energy...

JustRandi said...

That's too funny! Sometimes I think that MSG/caffeine combo is the kicker. Sugar has never really bothered me.

I really really want to hear more about the firemen!!

Lisa Louise said...

they came twice???? You really do need to come over for some of my cooking lessons!

Brammer Family said...

Ummmm...more about the firemen. Please? :)

cadi said...

This is my 1st time on your blog... yes a virgin of sorts. My sister has you listed on her blog that she stalks your blog. So, I thought I would give it a whirl. Love your blog and humor. My husband is trying to very seriously watch heroes...and I am very seriously trying to blog stalk...But I had to laugh out loud when I read your ADD p.c. comment. One of my kids is supposedly ADD but I really think it IS there polite way of saying: Never Ever Listens in Class. Good thing he is so darn cute.

Stephanie said...

hi cadi- i was going to go to your blog, but it is private, so i'm just saying hello, welcome to the blog.

A. said...

I just laughed out loud... at work.