alarming discovery

I have noticed a recent tendency to hang out all day in yoga apparel even though I haven't done yoga in nearly a year. (I quit yoga after my instructor kept asking me to "invite my body to breathe." Um, yoga lady, my body does that on it's freakin' own. Breathing is not some party you can just RSVP for or skip if it turns out to be lame. wtf.) She also had a tendency to have the students "ask" certain limbs to stretch or move.

This is not a good idea if you have students (such as myself) who are fond of inner dialogue, and imagine themselves asking their leg "hey could you just scoot over a little bit, thanks, say hi to your mom for me!" I knew yoga wasn't for me when I couldn't get through sleeping child or whatever the hell it is called without breaking into a fit of giggles.

Anyway, yoga apparel. My recent tendency alarms me because it seems a slippery slope into Wearing Pajamas In Public. Which is not allowed. And it also causes shame spiral thoughts along the lines of "Oh no self, you have turned into one of those married girls who lets herself go after marriage and soon they will make you into an Oprah Special about GIRLS GONE GRUNGY." There we go again, inner dialogue.

Or I will just get put on What Not To Wear, which wouldn't actually suck.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I have ordered myself not to wear yoga clothing to the family celebration tomorrow. Or engage in any debates about the validity of the Tina Fey look-alike as a former VP candidate. Happy. Thanksgiving.


Lisa Louise said...

I love wearing pajamas but there does seem to be a social stigma against wearing them in public. Scrubs however are totally accepted and honestly feel just like pajamas, just pretend you work in a hospital?

Michelle said...

no worries.

i have inner dialogue too.

Sarah holman said...

You always make me laugh. Thanks!