the classiest thing I have ever seen is

McCain's concession speech. Well done.

What a historic day. I'm proud to be an American.


Nicole said...

It was wonderful. Good man.

Now repeat with me...President Obama. Yeah, that's nice.

Kimbooly said...


I voted for McCain, but you know what? I feel that Obama can do a great job for us, too. Not to wax political, but I saw strengths and weaknesses in each candidate, and went back and forth, even though I tend toward more local govt. control and less federal control.

I'll bet you are SO excited! My brother in law once sent me a fun article titled, "Mormons are democrats, they just don't know it." I'll bet he's jumping up and down right now. : )

Congrats, your candidate won! I wish our next 4-8 years great growth with Obama.

Kimbooly said...

ps. Btw, I also thought Gore's concession speech 8 years ago was very eloquent.

Kimbooly said...

Oh my gosh, I'm such a stalker, commenting ONE more time!

But I wanted to tell you I thought of you when I took all three of my children with me to vote yesterday.

Wasn't it you that blogged about unattended kids in the library while their parents voted down the hall?

Because of that blog, I was sure to keep all my kids right with me and explain the voting process and how important it was.

They all sat at my feet at my little voting booth, and were very good (well, I think all the voting booths looked pretty novel to them, so they kept quiet while taking in everything new).

mommy dearest said...

Your dad and I watched a rebroadcast of McCain's and Obama's speech around midnight. We sat in bed, holding hands with tears running down our faces. What a great day.

KT said...

I agree. McCain sealed the moment. I thought his speech was perfect, and I was very impressed. Although, Todd Palin seemed to be pulling a form of the I-smell-poo face.

Julie and Rob said...


By the way, I'm going to take your advice on the "no spousal hair cuts" thing... seems like wise words of wisdom to me.

Tana said...

I agree. He was very warm and comforting!

KT said...

Seriously! I had so much more respect for him after that speech. VERY classy.