good wife vs. evil wife.

It is that time again! No, not the Holidays, but the time when the good wife mcb battles the evil wife mcb! Oh! The fun!

Spouse gave me a copy of his entirely way too detailed x-mas wish list, (let us take a moment to compare lists: The Spouse hands me a typed up one page list of "Options," and I simply tell him, size medium, anything black, sparkly things optional but preferred. And people tell me I'm demanding....)

Anyway. Spouse has a game on his list, a board game, that I despise. With. Every. Fiber. Of. My. Being. Spouse made me play it with his friends on our second date, and I am telling you, if he hadn't made crepes after the game, our second date would have been our last. The game sucks. It requires a PhD just to learn the rules, take hours to play, and is full of those weird situations where you can be one turn away from winning, and then someone picks a card that makes the whole game start over and I quietly start crying and using my playing piece to try and slit my wrists.

The game is on the list. I know he loves it. I know he wants it. But if we get it, he might make me play it. Sometimes with other people! He might even INVITE THEM TO OUR HOUSE, which would mean I would not only have to play THAT GAME, but I would have to HOSTESS IT.

At least I know where the knives are at my house so I don't have to scrape through my tendons with a playing piece.

So good wife says: Marriage is about sacrifices! Get him the game! It will make him happy!

Evil wife says: Are you nuts?



Jessica said...

What's the game? What's the game?

Michelle said...

don't do it. don't do it. don't do it.

you'll regret it right?

then again, good wife would get it. and play it. and have secret conversations in her head with herself about how she would rather be dead.

i guess it's up to you.

but if it were me, i would play evil wife and get a different game instead.

lindsey said...

If the game is Killer Bunnies, I feel your pain.

Stephanie said...

it is called robo-rally.

bonz said...

You'll be a good wife by not getting it. Just think of all the tension you're helping him avoid!

If his list has other things on it, and they are labeled as "options," simply choose another option!

Mar said...

I thought you were going to say the game is Settlers. That game SUCKS and it takes FOREVER!

Kimberly said...

I thought for sure it was Settlers of Catan. I know, I know, a lot of people are fans. I just don't have the patience for it. I vote don't do it.

Kimbooly said...

Robo-rally*? I've never even heard of it.

But if you had not mentioned the part about needing a PhD to play, I would have thought you meant Chutes and Ladders. That game can go ON! You almost get to the top, and you randomly end up sliding back down to the beginning. I can handle this for, oh, about 15-20 minutes. So I cringe when the kids want to pull it out and play it.

Now, the kids just played their first game of monopoly w/ me (yes, I won, but quite fairly; I talked them through all advantages), and I loved that, because they got to work with exchanging money, and my brain didn't dry up. But luckily I won within two hours, because once they got most of their first sets of houses down, I could see their interest wane. Still, it was SO cool that they're getting old enough to play a *real* game.

*Um, I suggest don't get it. Let him play that with a friend who owns and likes to play the game. When buying family games, get games you can both tolerate & enjoy, especially with guests.

Kimbooly said...

A ps from your most verbose commenter; I admit that today (hubby's birthday) I got him a game expansion pack--for WoW. That's what he really wanted.

However, I love WoW, and in fact played for awhile until I realized my ADD hyperfocus mode kept me from desiring to do anything else in life.

And he can play WoW when the kids are in bed, or in the morning before I wake up (he's a morning person, plays games in the morning from 4:30 to 6 am every day & then dresses, feeds, and sends off to school our older two kids while I sleep until at least 8 am).

breckster said...

Hi, found you through Changed for Good.

It all depends what your plan for children is. if you are going to have children soon go ahead and get it, you will get the points for being the best wife ever, and only have to play it for that limited time until you have a child, because once you have children playing games becomes neigh to impossible.

My husband and I came dangerously close to playing robo-rally this summer, it didn't sound like our thing... we played ticket to ride instead.

Kimbooly said...

I LOVE settlers, but it does take a long time to play. My husband and I played two games yesterday.

We don't own the hardcopy game, though. We play on separate computers.

Kimbooly said...

Sorry, sorry, just one more!


I am actually, truly, Laughing Out Loud!

I just noticed your comment to commenters. I hope the mean commenter persons notice it, too!

Nemesis said...

This is where you make a deal--you buy it for him and in return you NEVER have to play it.

liss said...

Found you through "Becoming Something" . . . I had that battle before (with a different game) I didn't get it. It was fine.
Later he bought it for himself.
I refuse to play.

The skin on my wrists - of which I'm a wee bit vain - stays cut free.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

hahaha....I thought you would say Axies and Allies....I made lena play that with me once....I dont think she will again....

Natalie said...

Um, duh! Don't do it. That was easy.

Mrs. Clark said...

No, no, no! Don't get it! Let him go over to his parents' house and play it there!

Get him some of the other stuff on his incredibly detailed list. My own hub gives me those--he even tells which orchestra and which recording company he wants of a particular classical piece (essential, in that genre).

Anyway, I would never, never bring that game into my house. At the same time, I would never, never ask hub to get me something he hated, either.

Nicole said...

You are not nuts, dont get the game, it will ruin your life, possibly your marriage:) Some things are just not meant to be shared.
Or......You can get it and tell him to go to a friends house to play while you have the girls over to do something you enjoy!!!!

Alyosha said...

You might need to give the game a second chance. I'm a board game lover, and it's hard to judge a game from one time.

But a couple years ago I got a game I liked for my birthday and it remained shrink-wrapped for years because my husband would never play with me. Finally we gave it away.