random fact:

I have somehow incorporated Rap/Hip-hop into every English Lit. lesson I've taught so far.

If I chose to tell the Education Dept. at Westy that my preferred instructional strategy was rap music, I wonder what crazy fancy terminology they would come up with to justify my excessive use of music by the literary great known as T.I.

"Educator incorporates urban musical lyrics into lessons." Or maybe "Educator devises meaningful learning activities incorporating the musical genres pioneered by African American Youth." However, student still refuses to incorporate graphic organizers.

On another note, we are starting a unit on Lord of the Flies next semester, and if anyone wants to take the initiative in turning Flies into a hip-hop musical opera, I would greatly appreciate it.


Michelle said...

i remember that unit when i was in 6th grade. and then i remember going home later and watching the movie on tnt with my dad and having a crush on the jerk kid until he killed the pig and chopped it's head off and stuck it to the top of that stick.

Chloe said...

I haven't read Lord of the Flies, but out of curiosity I looked up "Lord of the Flies lyrics" and got at least three different songs. I have no idea if they're anything like the book... but you could check!
hahaha good luck with your musical lessons!

Lena said...

Try using The Simpson's spoof. That was my favorite!

Lisa Louise said...

oh my gosh, they made me read that in 10th grade and I wanted to shoot myself!! Have fun.

Mrs. Clark said...

Reading Lord of the Flies in sixth grade? Yikes!

I had to read it in 10th grade, and I still think it is one of the most depressing, cynical works ever. I didn't want my own kids to read it.

I have re-read them, and I still totally do not get the long-lasting appeal of either Lord of the Flies or Catcher in the Rye.