The blog is bothersome. But, DO NOT FREAK OUT if I haven't re-added your name to the blog-list thing. I still love you. My heart will go on.

But you should know that I'm sort of slow at doing things, and I get distracted, and so there you go. Many more people blog more efficiently than I do.

Anyway. I decided to finish asking the questions from so long ago. Have you forgotten? Here. Remember.

I was just finishing telling you about how yes, I often think of things to blog about, and then I am immediately vetoed. Usually by my mother. For instance, Mother, Grant, (brother) and I just had a fabulously awkward discussion on how it was an unwise choice for my mother to let me read Angela's Ashes at age 13. I did impressions. Want to hear my terribly inappropriate Angela's Ashes impression? Let's go to lunch. Mom said I can't blog about it.

Next Question from Michelle-

what occupies your thoughts during monotonous drives to such places like idaho and back?

It depends on who I am driving with. If it is someone I don't like, I turn the ADD up on high and ignore them and think about nothing. (If you ever had the impression that people with ADD think about utterly fascinating things all the time, hence the distraction, you are incorrect.)

If I like them (and I like most people, really,) I think about what I normally think about. Which, I have a confession, is not very unlike the things any 13 year old boy would think about. I'm terribly politically incorrect, inappropriate, and not as funny in real life as I think I am in my head. Also, sometimes, and this is very nerdy, I memorize and repeat poems in my head. I also rap, mentally, of course, since I'm white.

Side note: Thank you Michelle for these questions. Her next query is:

what middle name do you plan on giving the first mormon child bride spawn?

girl: Ruth

boy: Daniel

and lastly

still wearing yoga gear in public?

Heck to the yes. In fact, I am wearing yoga gear right now.

That concludes Michelle's questions. There are still two more questions left, which I will hopefully answer shortly.

Now I have a question. I took completely awesome photos of my extended family at our xmas party last Saturday.

Would you like to see some of them?


JustMe said...

Heck yea I want to see pictures. Why are you even asking? I also want to see some wedding pictures. Don't make me beg - just give me a Christmas posting w/pictures.

Mrs. Clark said...

Heck yeah, we want to see what the smartest family in the ward looks like.

Lena said...

MCB? We always want to see your pictures. And since you rarely to never post pictures, it would be a treat to see them.

Kathleen said...

Heck to the yes on the xmas party photos!

amanda said...

yes! put up the pictures! i just barely looked at a bunch of pictures from my extended family christmas party. they are ridiculous. it's amazing what a camera can catch that we just don't notice in the moment. i love it.