In which I sound like a total biyotch....

You know how there are certain things that frustrate you, but you aren't allowed to say it because it is socially unacceptable? Well I'm breaking the rule. Sort of.

My Young Women and I have been trying to organize a service project for a non-profit organization in Salt Lake. It is an organization I really respect and want to support so I kind of pushed for this service project. (And I figured the girls could use a break from the usual service project of making cookies for old ladies. Which is awesome, don't get me wrong, but sometimes change is nice.)

And now for the part where I end up sounding like a terrible person.

This organization, as awesome as it is, has terrible organizational skills. No one answers the phone. No one returns emails. We are supposed to go work with this organization on December 3rd, and no one will tell me what time, what supplies we need to bring/and for how many people, etc.

I know these people are busy. I KNOW. Busy doing a very hard and admirable job. But they have made it nearly impossible for us (Young Women and myself,) to help out. They have a whole department dedicated to volunteer activities, and yet no one in that department ever returns any form of message. Are they trying to tell me they don't want volunteers.

I'm kind of at the point of calling the whole thing off, but that would be awful right? Uh, sorry, Organization, we can't help you! JUST KIDDING. NO SERVICE FOR YOU.

But seriously, how hard is it to type out a two line email telling me the time to come and the supplies needed?

I'm changing my name to Grinch McScrooge.


Nicole said...

Still waiting for the part where you sound biotchy. So far all you've given me is the reasonable expectation of common courtesy from someone you are trying to help.

Let me know if you need tutoring in the biotch department -- I'm an expert (ask anyone).

Kimbooly said...

I wish I could say I feel your pain, but I don't. But still, crumb for you! You're even trying to do good and you're thwarted at every turn by ommission.

So, the real reason I'm commenting, which is to tell you kudos for being clever on your own in blog posts. I say you deserve your degree/s!

I was realizing tonight that I'm not that clever. It's my kids saying or doing unconventional things that give me material with which to blog.

Michelle said...

just go get frozen yogurt + say you went.

k, just kidding.

Brandon said...

Is it the American Cancer Society? I interned with them during my undergrad and as great of an organization as it is, they were complete Chaos. I have a feeling that a lot of non-profits are unorganized messes.

Amanda said...

Find a new organization and be sure to let the old one know why you are leaving.

Lena said...

Hey you can not steal my name!!

Mrs. Clark said...

That's a real shame. I would write a letter to the CEO of the organization, telling (no, gushing) how great their cause is, but alas, how difficult their volunteer coordinators are making it for someone to give genuine help. But I would still pursue trying to get some answers. It could be that their volunteer coordinator is in the hospital, or something, and nobody else can do his/her job.